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DM sidearm

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I have a designated marksmen loadout with an SR-25 shooting 550 fps with .20g, so my minimum engagement distance is 100 feet. So I am looking into getting a sidearm, my friend told me I should get a KWA MP7, but im afraid that would be to bulky. I will usually be running with a squad but not always and the field I play at has a fire base where sometimes we have to do room clearing. So any suggestions on what I should get would be greatly appreciated.
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And quieter ^^ but i find fps and range is poor compared to a standard gbb. A ngbb is a good compromise though

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I've run most (if not all) the options discussed here with my sniper and DMR . . . so a bit of input

The KWA MP7 fits in a larger adjustable thigh holster and kydex belt clips are available. I found the clip to be junk and the thigh left too much of the weapon exposed on a crawl. I found a single point sling brought up tight under an arm works best along with a securing loop added to my chest rig. The biggest consideration is that the magazines are larger than a pistol and weighted to simulate a loaded real steel mag. You will need to carry a few (I recommend 4 total) since each carrys 40rnds and they go fast on full auto. A minimum weight gain for the MP7, mags, sling and mag pouches will be around 8lbs.

Stepping down in size, the KWA MP9 was a no go for me. One day in the field and I got rid of it. Despite the compact size, I couldn't find a good way to carry it . . . but that's not what bugged me. What I HATE about the KWA NS2 automatics (including the ATP) is that the gas discharge is directed in to the users face. If you run a ventilated goggle/mask, that puts propane puffing in to your face 20+ times a second.

An extended mag pistol works ok if secured properly. I have four 50rnd mags for an M9 I run a 235mm inner barrel/150mm suppressor on. Originally it was a full-auto M9, but I never really found it to be an advantage. Without the extended barrel, it would have been fine in a drop leg. With the suppressor, I ended up moving it to an angled chest rig holster under my left arm. The extended mags require an SMG mag pouch, which I found no issue in carrying either chest mounted or on a left side dropleg.

For a standard pistol (a KWA HK45 for me), carry is no issue. I found drop leg or chest mount easier than belt, simply from a crawl stand point. The lower magazine size and a shorter range mean you need to make shots count a bit more. For many pistols, engagement in the 70ft to 100ft range gives you a massive accuracy disadvantage. My preferable pistol positioning with a sniper is on a shoulder harness so I can dump all the weight of a chest rig and move easier. Just make sure to use a pistol laynard!

And for a couple more options . . .

40mm grenade pistols are both effective and hilarious, though limited due to reload speed and the amount of ammo you can carry. The S-Thunder pistols actually fit in to a generic pistol holster, though their build quality eliminates the possibility of using a CO2 charge on the grenades (trigger mechanism is pot metal). The King Arms sawed off M79 is much more durable but needs a larger holster or bandolier. Regardless of which platform does the firing, rest assured that the look on players faces as 100+ BB's come flying at them in a cloud is worth it.

AEG SMG's or M4 stubby killers work well. The sidearm I use more often than not is a modified CYMA MP5K on a single point brought up tight under my arm (similar to the MP7 carry I suggested above). Mine is FPS tuned for CQB environments making it a great companion for the 10ft to 100ft engagement range (or whatever your MED is). Ammo is no longer limited to under 40BB's with midcap use and tuning a V2 gearbox is easier than trying to tune a GBBP. I find it most adventagous on stalks in thick environments where finding a 100ft firing lane takes some searching.
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Personally my field has a few specific rules regarding DM's as well as close quarters engagements, with these in mind I will tell you how I decided on my current set up.

Any gun shooting over 280 fps cannot be used within 20 feet, a safety kill or parley must be called.

DMR minimum engagement distance = 100 feet

If your gun shoots under 280 fps, point blank engagements are authorized (however players purposely trying to harm others (ie shooting for head etc) as such are subject to police involvement)

With these rules in mind, I carry two sidearms. One is a Maruzen PPK that clocks in at 270 fps. The other is a Mk23 that is around 400 fps (depending on if it has a suppressor on it)

The PPK gives me an advantage when opfor is very close to my position, more so if they are within 20 feet and cannot engage me, but I can engage them (it can also shoot relatively accurately out to 100 feet).

The Mk23 has a few advantages, the most important being that players are more likely to feel my BB's at further ranges (you can empty a magazine it someone, but if they can't feel it you are out of luck).

The Takeaway:

Build your setup to be as advantageous as possible, based on your environment and field specifications. If you can afford a TM, buy a TM - but if you can't, don't be fooled into believing that they are the only route to go (albeit they are one of the easiest routes to a reliable sidearm). Good luck.
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First of all, i wouldn't use .20 gram bbs with a 550 fps gun. Try something a lot heavier. As for a sidearm, i would suggest a 1911 but it changes depending on you budget.
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