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DMR Buidling - Help Needed

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OK guys.. I just bought an DMR for like 250euros ~ 350 $ . I bought it from my friend which did some upgrades. But Off course thats not all so I am asking you all know.. Here is the "Config"

A&K SR - 25 Full Metal
5KU Air Seal Nozzle for SR-25 series AEG
SR25 Extensive Tappet Plate
Element Hop Up Cushion for AEG
Lonex Hop Up Rubber (70 degrees)
Modify Spring - S150+
Battery 9.6 V ; 4200 mAh ; Dean Conectors
I have optic so thats not needed.

All othes is STOCK !

So it has about 450~500 FPS

Now I am wondering what else should I upgrade ? Or what to change ? And off course I am interesting in current condition,with BB-s . Shall I use 0.36g or 0.43g for this configuration. Off course when I choose to upgrade more I will use 0.43 g for best performance.

In my country its allowed ~505fps and only semi -auto. So take care of that when you put some tips or anything else.
Please give me some advice because I am new in sniper world :)

And off course,from DMR I want RANGE as primary role . If you know what I mean :) Thx !
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One thing that is missing, you really don't need fps for amazing range. First thing you should do, no matter what, is upgrade the hop system. The r-hop by HS5 is very effective, and the LRB system employed by classic airsoft is also very effective. The r-hop is slightly easier to apply in an AEG platform, and as such, I would highly recommend, if you don't have the tools to do it yourself, buy a Prommy steel barrel and pay HS5 or Skag187 to install an ER-hop for you. Then, work on power upgrades, if you still think you need them. However, with a nice hop system you should get some nice range without needing to upgrade the power too much.
And, seriously, you will need to do a lot less power stuff if you go with a good hop system. I would seriously recommend getting an er-hop installed barrel from HS5. I won't guarantee anything, but it did wonders for me.
What don't you get about that? It is an alternate hopup system that has been shown to be extremely effective.
I think what metallica is saying is, use a standard set, and use sorbo.
If you don't mind the cost, I have heard nothing but good things about RiotSC gears/gear sets...
1 - 5 of 41 Posts
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