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DMR Buidling - Help Needed

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OK guys.. I just bought an DMR for like 250euros ~ 350 $ . I bought it from my friend which did some upgrades. But Off course thats not all so I am asking you all know.. Here is the "Config"

A&K SR - 25 Full Metal
5KU Air Seal Nozzle for SR-25 series AEG
SR25 Extensive Tappet Plate
Element Hop Up Cushion for AEG
Lonex Hop Up Rubber (70 degrees)
Modify Spring - S150+
Battery 9.6 V ; 4200 mAh ; Dean Conectors
I have optic so thats not needed.

All othes is STOCK !

So it has about 450~500 FPS

Now I am wondering what else should I upgrade ? Or what to change ? And off course I am interesting in current condition,with BB-s . Shall I use 0.36g or 0.43g for this configuration. Off course when I choose to upgrade more I will use 0.43 g for best performance.

In my country its allowed ~505fps and only semi -auto. So take care of that when you put some tips or anything else.
Please give me some advice because I am new in sniper world :)

And off course,from DMR I want RANGE as primary role . If you know what I mean :) Thx !
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Fuzzy summed it up.

Now, i'm not a huge DMR guy, but I think I should just add some more importance to somethings that have been stated.
Get yourself a NICE tightbore. 6.03mm, Stainless Steel, Prommy(?) made. I'm not sure what kind of budget you have right now, but thats a great place to start.

Next you're going to want to crack that sucker up, and make sure you good AoE (Area of Engagement) which is basically getting the piston hitting the gears as easily.

A good shim job goes a LONG way. Make sure to reshim it, and regrease it.

Shaving off the back tooth I believe, someone correct me if i'm wrong, will relieve stress off the gearbox.

Get yourself a mosfet, and run a lipo to get a good trigger response.

These are the basic methods of how to approach it. If anyone disagrees, go ahead for it, not a big DMR guy, I just use HPA -_-.
Hope this helped somewhat to what you are looking for!
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