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DMR Buidling - Help Needed

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OK guys.. I just bought an DMR for like 250euros ~ 350 $ . I bought it from my friend which did some upgrades. But Off course thats not all so I am asking you all know.. Here is the "Config"

A&K SR - 25 Full Metal
5KU Air Seal Nozzle for SR-25 series AEG
SR25 Extensive Tappet Plate
Element Hop Up Cushion for AEG
Lonex Hop Up Rubber (70 degrees)
Modify Spring - S150+
Battery 9.6 V ; 4200 mAh ; Dean Conectors
I have optic so thats not needed.

All othes is STOCK !

So it has about 450~500 FPS

Now I am wondering what else should I upgrade ? Or what to change ? And off course I am interesting in current condition,with BB-s . Shall I use 0.36g or 0.43g for this configuration. Off course when I choose to upgrade more I will use 0.43 g for best performance.

In my country its allowed ~505fps and only semi -auto. So take care of that when you put some tips or anything else.
Please give me some advice because I am new in sniper world :)

And off course,from DMR I want RANGE as primary role . If you know what I mean :) Thx !
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metallicafatcat said:
I facepalmed so hard there... Why don't you look at what you have in the gun in the way of parts in the first place. I WILL guarantee you that throwing money at a gun will not improve the performance more than tuning the stock parts in the majority of the parts. Quite frankly, I won't say much more as I don't condone spoon-feeding.
Seriously? There are many more respectful ways to reply to the OP then in the manner that you do. You in no way answered this guys question other then telling him that he is wasting his time by putting money into a gun.

Things to consider when attempting to upgrade a v2 to 500fps.

  • sorbo pads on the cylinder head[/*:m:39mq2sxw]
  • air brake piston head[/*:m:39mq2sxw]
  • shim the hopup arm[/*:m:39mq2sxw]
  • teflon tape the hopup unit and barrel[/*:m:39mq2sxw]
  • look for wear on the piston*[/*:m:39mq2sxw]
  • gluing the air seal nozzle to the tappet[/*:m:39mq2sxw]
  • polishing the cylinder and inner barrel[/*:m:39mq2sxw]
  • shimming if the current shim job shows wear on the gears.[/*:m:39mq2sxw]
*If there is a bit of wear on the piston consider ordering another as a backup.

IE look at vindis guide as posted above. Also, there are some good guides here on shimming and other stuff if you aren't already familiar with it.
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The posts was condesending and I'm still going to go back to the fact that you didn't even answer the guys question. I'm also not sure how a shimming guide can be outdated. To my knowledge the concept of shimming hasn't changed. Finally, I wasn't out to convince you of anything so you can believe what you want.

2 - If you want to tell someone to do a search, you must also provide an answer to their question. If you cannot, then do not post on the topic. Brief responses only saying to do a search will be deleted.
More up to date shimming guide.
I had to root around a little to find a tutorial with good pictures.
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