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DMR Buidling - Help Needed

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OK guys.. I just bought an DMR for like 250euros ~ 350 $ . I bought it from my friend which did some upgrades. But Off course thats not all so I am asking you all know.. Here is the "Config"

A&K SR - 25 Full Metal
5KU Air Seal Nozzle for SR-25 series AEG
SR25 Extensive Tappet Plate
Element Hop Up Cushion for AEG
Lonex Hop Up Rubber (70 degrees)
Modify Spring - S150+
Battery 9.6 V ; 4200 mAh ; Dean Conectors
I have optic so thats not needed.

All othes is STOCK !

So it has about 450~500 FPS

Now I am wondering what else should I upgrade ? Or what to change ? And off course I am interesting in current condition,with BB-s . Shall I use 0.36g or 0.43g for this configuration. Off course when I choose to upgrade more I will use 0.43 g for best performance.

In my country its allowed ~505fps and only semi -auto. So take care of that when you put some tips or anything else.
Please give me some advice because I am new in sniper world :)

And off course,from DMR I want RANGE as primary role . If you know what I mean :) Thx !
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SHS would be my personal choice for a piston and a Lonex piston head.
And, seriously, you will need to do a lot less power stuff if you go with a good hop system. I would seriously recommend getting an er-hop installed barrel from HS5. I won't guarantee anything, but it did wonders for me.
I don get that ER-hop from HS5 . Can you explain please beacause really I dont Understand .

And here is the updated list,since I am not spending too much money on my first DMR !

A&K SR - 25 Full Metal

5KU Air Seal Nozzle for SR-25 series AEG - special for SR25 - /installed

SR25 Extensive Tappet Plate - special for SR25 - / installed

Element Hop Up Cushion for AEG - / installed

Lonex Hop Up Rubber (70 degrees) - / installed

Modify Spring - S150+ /installed

Motor - JG Replacement High Torque Long Axis Motor (18000 RPM)-M42 /installed

Spring Guide - Systema Area 1000 Spring Guide for Ver II Gearbox - 10.50$

Piston - SHS Full Steel 19 Teeth Piston for ARMY R85 Series - 10 $

Piston&Cylinder Head - Element Silent Head Set for Gearbox Ver.2 - 10$

Cylinder - stock /any suggestion will be great ! There is a special for SR25 / installed

Gear Set - SHS High Speed All Steel Gear Set for SR25 AEG
- 17.99$

ThightBarrel 509mm (6.04)- Madbull 6.03mm Black Python Ver.2 Tight Bore Barrel for AEG (509mm) - 39.99$

Shims - MAG Stainless Steel Precision Shim Set - 5$

Battery 9,6 V , 4200mAh , Dean Connector / installed

I will do the shimming and polishing in a few days with a stock cylinder. Any suggestion on cylinder will be great :) Thx for help !
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Up there you said that I dont use Alluminium Piston head..
can you give me the exact piston and cylinder head which you will use on my place ? Please
Quite frankly, I use whatever is in the gun when I get it, and work with that, and if after I've done everything I can to fix it and it doesn't work, then I buy parts. I'm fond of the JG piston heads and TMs, but upgrades I like Gaurder.
What don't you get about that? It is an alternate hopup system that has been shown to be extremely effective.

Guys i got the thing with HS5 hop,I will make one on my own I searched the forum and fin some great ideas. I will do something. And now the question about this set. Can you check it and see if it OK with my SR25 . It doesn't cost too much and it's all I need. Except barrel of course. I will do sorbo pads from "mouse pad" Got that idia from "vindi" Thx !: ) I think I will manage good AOE with sorbo and this piston,because the stock piston has 19 teeth instead of 15 teeth that SHS provide. I am considering to buy this package and SHS 19 full stell teeth piston.

give advice ! Thanx
Just make sure the mouse pad is hard enough that it doesn't deform upon repeated piston cycles.
Oki metallica.. And what about that set I linked ? Is it ok ? I mean what you think :?
Just use the stock piston head instead of the one that comes with the kit, it'll weigh too much.
Ok guys. First of all thx everyone for help. And I decided among all advices from you guys and from guys over here in Croatia.

I bought "SHS Full Steel 19 Teeth Piston for ARMY R85 Series" and "Silent head set (piston&cilinder head) with some metal shims and greaves for good working of gearbox. I will use all other stock parts expect those which are already exchanged.

I will polish and shim as much I can. Fit the new piston ,make some sorbo pads (from mouse pad) and use 0.36g bbs. I will be done in a few days I hope so I will be posting the results.

My next upgrade will be the gears "SHS" and the "Madbull 509mm,6.04 " barrel. But that I will buy when I collect some more money. For now just this and I hope it will give good result with my knowledge and vindies tutorial of making a long range AEG.

Thx :)
any external parts wanted? i have some magpul that would look good on there
If you don't have sorbo your going to quickly crack the front of your gearbox.
I think what metallica is saying is, use a standard set, and use sorbo.
Aham....I got what you said....Hmm....Ok...I better listen to you if I dont want my gearbox cracked....pff
Actually you can use silent PH's with sorbo.Pry the stock cylinderhead bumper off the silent cylinderhead.Its flat underneath just like a pom cylinderhead.Apply a piece of sorbo to the cylinderhead.Next,reapply the cylinderhead bumper on to the sorbo.The stock bumper gives the silent pistonhead a seat against the cylinderhead,and also protects the sorbo from the pistonhead.Sure you will loose that much more cylinder volume with the bumper added,but you loose cylinder volume any way applying sorbo,or doing AOE corrections that im aware of.

Dont use the SHS high speed gears in that setup unless you have a really huge battery to make your motor pull an SP150.For a spring like that I would go with CA Flat Super Torques gears for SR-25.The ratio isnt good for pulling heavy springs with the SHS gears you chose.CA Super Torques are rated to pull an M170 spring,so you should be ok.Being flat cut they will be easier for you to shim aswell.
If you don't mind the cost, I have heard nothing but good things about RiotSC gears/gear sets...
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