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DMR Build Questions

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Hi everyone. I am new to the community and this is my first thread. I have recently stepped into the SDM role for my team. I am starting a DMR build using my Echo1 Troy TRX 13. So far I have the inner, a suppressor to cover the new inner, and a decent optic.
I can really use some advice from you guys on what to upgrade, what brand you have found to be reliable from experience, and what accessories are helpful to run with. Do I go with a high torque motor with torque gears or do I use speed gears?
Thanks in advance for any information and advise you can give me to aid in the successful completion of my build..
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First of all:

So if you're going to be going for SDM then you want to be able to reach out pretty far right? If you're running a M4 with a standard box you might want to get a bore up set. I imagine you have a v2 gearbox in there right? SHS Bore-Up One-Piece V2 Cylinder Set - $40.00 : BRILL ARMORY, Quality Airsoft parts for the discerning consumer. Something like that would be good. Most DMRs are made using guns with extended gearboxes: SR25, SVD, M14, etc. Your v2 is only standard, but with a bit more cylinder volume you can get a better cushion of air for your BB to ride. Also along with that you should r-hop a well-made barrel like a prommy
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