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DMR picture thread

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Post pictures of your SEMI-AUTO sniper rifles please. This is a picture only thread, so no discussion just pictures :)
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Everyone stop arguing and post some hot DMR's.

Whenever I can avoid the scope rules, I prefer running it without optics.

It's actually quite compact, even with a 509 inner. Here it is in action a few days ago, with an ACE type skeleton stock which I didn't yet had time to shoot.
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Camo paint looks good on military rifles. This has more of a competition/3gun rifle feel to it, and i doubt it would look very good in camo. Maybe some carbon like Hammar's :) . I was however thinking about 2-toning it, paint dark earth only the handguard, upper, scope, stock, mags and pistol grip.
Libelle, that scope is short and bulky, and those rail clips make it bulkier. If you really need protection there, I would suggest some black ergo ladder rail covers (or just go with the AUG military scope). Also, if you want to turn an AUG into a DMR, go Phantom, not LMG... since you run high-mobility.

-Lm4 PTR
-Magpul moe stock
-Kwa sr series iron sights
-KA Mk4 scope
-Bravo #40 SPR rings
-Madbull Troy TRX 13" RIS
-LaRue Handstop
-UTG Harris style bi-pod
-Madbull Surefire 6in QD supressor and flash hider
-G&P 2 point bungie

Km head LM4 barrel and mk4 short dot replica with LaRue 1.5 SPR mount are both in the mail. The bipod is getting stripped of its paint soon. Internally this thing is stock. I've been running for over 6 months now, with .3's I can consistently hit people out at 250ft. Whats amazing is everyone who borrows it can also hit people at the range :D. The new KM head barrel are apparently machined in a zero vibration machine, giving them the "most consistent bore" and a $90 price tag. Once the barrel has run through a game I'm going to try the RA tech NPAS and the new buckings on the market. My goal is 350ft man sized target at 450FPS with .2 without any home made mods.

Let me get this straight. You are consistently hitting people at 80m with a stock GBB. That's pretty good.. I can barely get 8/10 torso shots with .4 from a fine tuned AEG, at a measured range of 80m.
Love these new ASRs, aesthetic wise. How do they perform out of the box? Are they that bad, that you have to replace the whole gearbox?
Only have these in-game shots of it, since our photographer has a DSLR and my phonecam doesn't do it justice.
I finally got it perfectly tuned @139m/s (140 is our limit) with an estimated effective range of about 70-80m.

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