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DMR picture thread

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Post pictures of your SEMI-AUTO sniper rifles please. This is a picture only thread, so no discussion just pictures :)
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I know this is a dead thread, but I was lacking in places to share my (mostly) finished DMR. So here I am. I figured you guys wouldn't really mind all that much, considering it is a picture thread, and there is only one other post with pics.

So, without further adieu:

...and without the awkward looking scope:

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Intriguing. May I ask what base model. What internals mods have you completed? And what are you waiting for to complete it? No fair showing off a mystery dmr.

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Absolutely. It started as a Classic Army AR15 Sportline, in which I constructed a Frankenstein GB. After a short while, I added a 509mm inner barrel, coupled with the generic 10" RIS. To prevent any hop issues, I had a R-hop installed. Then, today, if you'll notice on the bottom of the pic, I switched the GB out for a more efficient (and fun, I might add) PolarStar. SO...IDK, roughly $800 into it or so.

I don't like how my RIS covers are a tad different OD than the stock, mag, and upper receiver are. So I am going to fix that. Also, I dislike the low-pro scope mounts, so I'll be swapping those out, and putting a shorter (hopefully) 3x scope on it. That's about it. So that's almost entirely how it will end up. I did have a bipod on it, but it "fell off" while a buddy was toying with it. So I left it sit.

Edit: So I forgot to mention, I am also playing with the idea of putting a lipo or other small type battery in the buffer tube and switching that stock out to a tactical adjustable stock, which is nearly ready (just needs paint).

I'm shooting about 330 FPS @ 80 PSI or 430 FPS @ 120 PSI. Shoots like a laser. Literally.
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