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DMR picture thread

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Post pictures of your SEMI-AUTO sniper rifles please. This is a picture only thread, so no discussion just pictures :)
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Not to be mean but there something called a gallery. Moved this thread there.
Not to be mean, but there is something called proper grammar. I think that it would be better over here in the long-range AEG category because people will know exactly where to look. They can get ideas for there build and tech information in the same spot. We can let the mods decide what to do with it.
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Not as pretty as some of your toys, but I like her. She's also my first endeavor into the world of the designated marksman role.

I like it, it has a good MK12 Mod 1 look to it. The Nightforce replica looks great! Although some people would disagree with me I personally like KAC and Magpul accessories on the same gun.
I'm working on getting another mustang going. The little ones are too young for it, but we still have child appropriate transportation for them. Putting a car seat in the back of a caged t-top hatch back car would be a pain in the ass. Simpson makes a car seat though.
Im working on getting a mustang for my first car lol, I have been working the past 2 years on grass jobs, now I got a real job. I would love it to be silver and hopefully over 2005, but I don't know about the insurance. I also would love to buy my parents friends car, 2012 GT black. Insurance would be a bitch. Although, a girl I know has a 2012 Chevy Camaro, lol.
1 - 4 of 423 Posts
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