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DMR picture thread

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Post pictures of your SEMI-AUTO sniper rifles please. This is a picture only thread, so no discussion just pictures :)
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The PEQ serves a purpose though. Occasionally I have to transition from the wood line to the "towns" that are scattered across the fields here. The Peq is zero'd at 15-ft so I can clear a building and have some point of reference for my BB's.

It works? :nuts: Oh, most people I see with PEQ boxes are for battery storage, my bad :doh:

All good man. The peq also has a working flashlight. I want to mod it to have a green laser like the real ones.

That AK is NICE!!!!

ACR DMR for LOLs. If you see it and are all WTF, just STFU or you'll get some 450 FPS BBs IYF, L7.

ROFL. :)
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Dulas that is one unique gun... I'm not a fun of the AUG but this is just so sweet

My new SR25. Now that I finally figured out how to take it apart properly, I will be making her a bit more dark earth-ish :)

Im still waiting to REALLY take her out and skirmish.
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Looks good man!

Rattle canned her, dropped the VFG and replaced with XTM panels. I need to paint the XTM's still but you guys get the idea.

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sticks, I love the rifle.

Doby... DAYUMN. She's hot. I think the optic is disproportional, but I'm sure it helps keep weight down and there isn't a need for anything bigger.
Is that a normal AEG cylinder? Looks funky to me...
It is a stainless Steel cylinder in a cnc gearbox shell. I am building this for a team mate, all custom parts, no donor gun. It has been a lengthy process and still not perfect but the thing is beautiful!

The scope is something he had already, he is planning a PRS stock and perhaps an optics upgrade still.
Oh. Thats why it looked super shiny.

Beaut of a rifle though. How much time have you sunk into it so far?
I probably have a full week in it, lots of tweaking to get all the different parts working together correctly, much harder than I expected and allot different than just upgrading a gun.
21 - 40 of 423 Posts
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