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DMR picture thread

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Post pictures of your SEMI-AUTO sniper rifles please. This is a picture only thread, so no discussion just pictures :)
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This is brought back from the dead. But to me, in airsoft, DMR means it's locked to semi. There could be other restrictions like barrel length or needing an optics with magnification. BUT. I HATE that people go off of caliber. Toy guns people. All 6mm. Anyway here is my Thompson locked to semi. Won't call it a dmr because it has a drum mag but take it as you will lol.


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2x Daytona Gun M110 GBBR
The tan is the newer/current gen engine in an Ares M110 SASS body.
The black was built back in 2008/9 by DG and you could only buy it as a complete gun, they offered it 2 versions, G&P body and Ares XM110,mine is one with the Ares carbine body, only 24 guns made of both versions.

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421 - 423 of 423 Posts
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