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I have been working on a barrett m82a1 and making it into a dmr. i recently came across the issue of no bbs being fed after installing a new compression set and a m150 spring. the compression set is the zci kit from ak2m4. the mosfet i installed has pre-cocking and i have been using the pre-cocking with the old original compression set and have had no issues the spring was a m130. there are no feeding issues when no pre-cocking is applied. i have tried multiple different mags and mag types. i have checked the gearbox and it seems fine i dont have a delayer chip but if the gun was feeding before with a m130 that should be cycling faster then i shouldn't need one now. im at a loss of what to do.
Parts list:
g&g v2 box
zci compression set
zci prowin style hop chamber
maple leaf mr bucking
m150 spring
perun v2 hybrid mosfet
zci 6.02 barrel

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Did your compression set come with a new nozzle? If so measure it with a pair of calipers to see if its longer then your original one. Or put in the old nozzle and see if that clears it up.
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