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Thanks for the help grass!

Right, so you say over 03, and under 05, so would you suggest the .04 being the perfect barrel to choose?

How does the zerotrigger compare to the vtrigger (doesn't the zero have the lightest pull, whereas the v makes the bolt pull easier?) I also had a look for the one you suggested on redwolf, but can't seem to find it, what make/model is it? A link would be great!:)

You say the precision cylinder is best for smoothness, isn't the palsonite even better? Also, why go for the raven cylinder, isn't it going to be basically the same as the stock cylinder?

What is the need in making an 'over the barrel MOCK silencer'? Simply to reduce the noise...?

And you see use power adjusters, I looked at those but couldn't understand, do they increase or decrease power? And which spring should I go for, there's either the 'APS240' which is suggested to give 430fps, and then the 'spr250%' which is suggested to give 530fps.

I'm thinking it may be best to just get the pdi cylinder set, should i go for VC or HD?

And cool, pdi bucking sounds good, why will I need 2 and a hop repair kit, do they break easily? And will the high arm give better results than normal?

Oh and one more thing, on the xfire website, I saw for sale they have 'y-rings' to replace orings on the piston or cylinder, apparently they make the bolt pull smoother, they're only sub

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Right, HD set sounds good to me, the VC really wasn't great in my vsr!

Looked on the Agi website, unfortunately I don't think I can get it shipped to the UK. You said don't get the vtrigger, why not? What should I get instead?

I'll get the 530fps spring, and some power adjusters incase I cut it too much, (if i got the 430fps spring, would the power adjusters be able to bring it up to 500?) And how easy is it to cut the spring?

Again, 6.03 barrel sounds a better idea as it will be cheaper, will going for a prometheus barrel which will be half the price of the PDI still be as good, how will PDI be better?

And you are sure the 6.03 or 05 is going to be better than a 6.04?

I think for BB weight, I'll try with .3's if the weather is perfect, move up to .36's with a little wind, and .4's when it's really widny.

Oh, and you said about cutting the spring and making it not hit the cylinder head, is this not damaging for the gun? And how much would it need to be cut for it not to hit the cylinder head, so would taking 30fps off the spring be enough do you think? Or should i go for a higher rated spring again to certainly make sure it doesn't hit the cylinder head? I read your guide too, the only thing is, I don't want to have a big wrap of tape stuck to it, will I need to do this...?

Thanks once again.

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Yeh, so vtrigger or not as above hehe!

Anyway, ordered first batch of parts...

- pdi 6.04 495mm barrel
- pdi hop unit
- high arm for hop unit
- 2x whold buckings
- repair kit
- 'y-type' oring for cylinder

Next on the to do list is getting the gun to 500fps reliably and consistently, however as cheap as possible as getting a G3 which I need to DMR!

So any suggestions on what parts to go for?

I'm still consdering the Vtrigger, with the pdi cylinder set, however thats going to be
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