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After having a Double Bell VSR-10 almost 4 years ago, I decided to buy another.

Old Double Bell VSR-10
Aluminum TM/JG spec crimped cylinder
Brass TM/JG spec cylinder head
CYMA style magazine block/release
Black hop chamber
Pro Sniper bolt handle
Textured stock
Metal trigger guard
Pot metal trigger set
Plastic piston
Plastic spring guide
Pro Sniper tapered outer barrel (27mm ID)

New Double Bell VSR-10
Stainless steel cylinder (not TM, really really small)
Brass cylinder head (really small with wide threads with lots of burs, and a nozzle like the Laylax style)
Weird hop block/magazine release (like the SSG10 I think)
Shiny silver hop chamber
G-spec bolt handle
Same textured stock
G-spec style sling attachment things
Metal trigger guard
Steel trigger set and spring guide stopper (shiny silver)
Blue aluminum piston
Bare aluminum spring guide
Weird bull barrel (like 25mm outer diameter everywhere)

So, the rifle will not accept an aftermarket hop chamber, not will it accept an aftermarket cylinder.
But what is really bad, I'd that there are NO THREADS ON THE OUTER BARREL.
You heard me right, no threads, it's held in by the bottom screw you usually throw away, and the forward scope rail screw.
Probably shoots 500 FPS with a .20, has a nice light and short trigger pull, not too loud, and the bolt pull is insanely light for the power, and it's really smooth and will drop like with a 90° trigger.

But I would say to steer as far clear of this as you can, as the only VSR-10 parts are the barrel, bucking, spring, and magazine, everything else is severely off spec and almost completely different in one way or another.
The stock is also really thin while having the same texture, and I could easily snap it by smashing it on the ground, which was impossible with the one I used to have.

I will be returning this once I am at my other house, and trying to find a CYMA instead.
I looked back at the order for my first one back in 2018, and it's from the same amazon seller, but it's an entirely different gun.
I am sorry to all of the people who I suggested this rifle to, like before mentioned it has changed extremely significantly throughout the last 3+ years, and not for the better.
So yeah, steer clear if it as it's good enough, but has barely any potential at all besides a new barrel and bucking.

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Steel trigger and a good cylinder set isn't actually all doom though (like goddamn the APS Field craft still uses regular ABS internals). It would be bad from a compatibility standing point but in itself I think it actually sounds pretty swell as long as the steel parts do hold up and as long as there are no significant sealing issues.

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The trigger is 45° and everything seems quite durable, and the thing has a silencer adapter instead of a muzzle cap which is cool.
They just use grub screws, so it's really easy to get off.
The air seal in the cylinder is not perfect but pretty okay, but absolutely zero seal between the nozzle and bucking.
The cylinder is very rough, but the actual strength is probably that of an Action Army or Laylax.
Just some scraping with a knife will be good enough.
Effective range with .30 is actually really good, like 70m, which could be better with .40 since this gun could totally do that.

All in all, awesome beginner gun at the $99-$130 price point, much better than the ASG M40A3 as performance and strength are better while having the same amount of upgrade parts available.
Probably something you would buy your kid or something like that.

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Don't believe so, but you really don't need to upgrade the chamber.

I'd make an SS-nub, put in a better barrel, a 2021 80° bucking, and a stronger spring. Then just run it until you need to replace something.
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