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Double Eagle L96 Upgrading help

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Hi, i've been trying to upgrade my Double Eagle M57A L96

(Which seems to be a clone of The WELL MK96 which is a clone of the UTG MK96)
have primarily wanted a new barrel, hop up and then spacers. For the barrel and hop up i am planning on buying:

Madbull Black Python Version II 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel (499mm APS) -
PDI Hop Up Chamber for Type 96

I am just wondering whether or not these will be compatible with each other and with my gun. I will also need a good bucking i assume and as i have no experience any good recommendations would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much

+Images of the gun
Gun - Internals - Barrel - Top down Internals -
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You can't use an APS cut inner barrel with a PDI chamber. The PDI chamber uses an AEG cut inner barrel, while the stock chamber uses an APS cut inner barrel.

I've posted about my recommendations in the other thread. I like 6.01's, which are the only barrels available that are perfectly sized.

However, if you'd like to steer towards the 6.03 route, then that is fine too. It's all pretty theoretical as to which one is better, and I like to be open minded until there is a definitive answer. Just know that, with a 6.03, you'll have to get either a barrel that is shorter or longer than your outer barrel.

Again, if you want to get a shorter inner barrel (which would probably be easier), then you'll have to widen the muzzle slightly. It's pretty easy. Disassemble your gun and take separate the outer barrel by itself. Take a drill and use a drill bit that is bigger than the muzzle's hole, and 1 minute later, you're done.

Your best options for length would probably be 469 mm (G3/SG-1), 455 (AK), and 407 (M4 Plus). The shorter the barrel, the wider you should make the hole.

Personally, if I wanted to go with a shorter, larger diameter inner barrel, I'd get this one:
KM is also a fantastic inner barrel maker. I'd either go with the above one, or a Madbull, since Madbull's is aluminum and can break in.

As for if you want to get a longer barrel, I don't know how you're going to get that orange tip off, but once you do, we can talk more about longer barrels.
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Thanks this is very useful, I was steering towards the 6.03's because i had read that they were better for accuracy over longer ranges which is what i am primarily hoping to improve, if this is not the case however it does not really matter to me whether the barrel is 6.03 or 6.01.

In terms of length i think i would prefer to have a larger rather than smaller barrel, the orange cap apparently is removable and i would not mind getting a mock suppressor in order to compensate for the extra barrel length.

How does a longer barrel differ in accuracy to a smaller barrel (although the difference will not be massive so i doubt it's important)

As you can tell, i am not especially experienced XD so any advice and help you can dish out to a lowly noob like me is much appreciated.
Well, the argument for length is also theoretical as well.

On one side, you have people who like longer lengths because of the fps boost it provides. Though the boost is only slight, it can make a pretty big difference, especially on heavier bb's which travel slower. Increasing length means increasing the time in which force is applied, which means more velocity. Also, long barrels are thought of as being able to straighten the bb out better for more consistency.

On the other side, you have the people who like shorter lengths. The argument is often that, with a long barrel, the bb "bounces" around more, thus decreasing consistency. With a shorter inner barrel, you supposedly don't get as much "bouncing" of the bb since the length is shorter, thus increasing precision.

It's really up to you as for which argument you like and which length you want to go with. I personally like my 495 mm inner barrel, while there are others who like to go under 400 mm. If you want, you could achieve a balance between the two and go with something in the middle. It's up to you honestly.
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I am almost certain now that I want a high quality 6.03 inner barrel which is as close to 495mm (more than rather than less then) as possible. All i need to do now is find a nice inner barrel that will be compatible with a PDI hop up and i'm set. can you recommend any?
Well, your best choice for 495+ mm is the M16 length (509 mm). You can actually get an EZ-LRB to cover up that extra bit that will stick out, as well as have the benefits of an LRB. Scroll down to EZ-LRB.

The material the barrel is made from can determine what you can do with it. If you do end up going with the LRB, you should try and stick with Aluminum, as suggested, or maybe Brass. Rigid barrels could possibly snap, like if you were to go with a PDI bull barrel.

Also, softer barrels "break in." So, I'd think that Madbull is your best option.

Or, if you want, you could go with a PDI 6.01 Raven inner barrel made for the PDI Mk96 hop up chamber (a 495 mm inner barrel) which is made from aluminum, and then get Bioval bb's that are smaller than regular bb's by about .03-.05 mm (I don't remember exactly), so in a sense, you are getting the same effect as a regular bb with a 6.03. This is actually what I do.

The only bad thing about doing that is that your options for bb's are limited to only Bioval .27's and .30's. I'm pretty sure .40's are regular sized, as well as aren't available anymore. But you can still buy .30's on Airsoft GI. 2-3 bags is probably enough for your career. I've gone only a quarter of my way through a bag of .30's after 2 years.
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This actually sounds perfect, i can always experiment with different ammunition after getting the 6.01 barrel and the .3 biovals. What kind of range can you get (hit a torso) with this setup. Also any maintenance to the barrel isn't a big deal to me.

Current Shopping List: (all compatible?)

PDI Raven 6.01 Barrel

PDI Hop Up

Biovals (white, 0.3g)(scroll down):

(I'm in the UK so obviously uk retailers are more convenient)

Sorry if i'm seeming pedantic :p Thanks
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I've been able to get about 250 ft. and above with my setup. I haven't touched my gun in a while cause I'm at college right now, and seeing how my college is basically in the central city of airsoft and gun hate, I'm not allowed to have an airsoft gun here.

I think that list would be fine. The only other thing you need to get is a new bucking. I'm still somewhat new to the whole "R-hop," "LRB," REAPS, M-nub stuff that everyone likes.

I would look into the REAPS bucking, since I heard that it's basically similar to a R-hop, but is a drop in bucking that requires no modding. The higher the fps you go, the harder you should probably make your bucking, though it's not a requirement. You'll get better accuracy and consistency with a softer bucking, but soft buckings wear down quicker, and the PDI chamber is a total b**** to work with when it comes to removing and replacing buckings.

If anything, I'd recommend getting another chamber, instead of the PDI. This store is in the UK, and the chamber is just as good as the PDI, but instead of 2 hop up arms, it only has 1. My only concern is that it might not be able to take the PDI inner barrel, because PDI has a special "indent" on their PDI-chamber barrels that lock in with the chamber. The indent might just get in the way of this chamber, which means you'd have to go with a regular AEG barrel.

Or, if you still want to go with the PDI chamber, look into buying one of Cheeseman's hop up arms for the PDI chamber (it replaces the 2 arms with just 1 arm)
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Have decided on getting a 6.03 prommy barrel, getting a longer one and a flash suppressor. Making one last post (i promise it's the last)
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