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Double Eagle L96 Upgrading help

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Hi, i've been trying to upgrade my Double Eagle M57A L96

(Which seems to be a clone of The WELL MK96 which is a clone of the UTG MK96)
have primarily wanted a new barrel, hop up and then spacers. For the barrel and hop up i am planning on buying:

Madbull Black Python Version II 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel (499mm APS) -
PDI Hop Up Chamber for Type 96

I am just wondering whether or not these will be compatible with each other and with my gun. I will also need a good bucking i assume and as i have no experience any good recommendations would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much

+Images of the gun
Gun - Internals - Barrel - Top down Internals -
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Thanks this is very useful, I was steering towards the 6.03's because i had read that they were better for accuracy over longer ranges which is what i am primarily hoping to improve, if this is not the case however it does not really matter to me whether the barrel is 6.03 or 6.01.

In terms of length i think i would prefer to have a larger rather than smaller barrel, the orange cap apparently is removable and i would not mind getting a mock suppressor in order to compensate for the extra barrel length.

How does a longer barrel differ in accuracy to a smaller barrel (although the difference will not be massive so i doubt it's important)

As you can tell, i am not especially experienced XD so any advice and help you can dish out to a lowly noob like me is much appreciated.
I am almost certain now that I want a high quality 6.03 inner barrel which is as close to 495mm (more than rather than less then) as possible. All i need to do now is find a nice inner barrel that will be compatible with a PDI hop up and i'm set. can you recommend any?
This actually sounds perfect, i can always experiment with different ammunition after getting the 6.01 barrel and the .3 biovals. What kind of range can you get (hit a torso) with this setup. Also any maintenance to the barrel isn't a big deal to me.

Current Shopping List: (all compatible?)

PDI Raven 6.01 Barrel

PDI Hop Up

Biovals (white, 0.3g)(scroll down):

(I'm in the UK so obviously uk retailers are more convenient)

Sorry if i'm seeming pedantic :p Thanks
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Have decided on getting a 6.03 prommy barrel, getting a longer one and a flash suppressor. Making one last post (i promise it's the last)
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