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Double Eagle M57A L96 - What is it?

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What is the Double Eagle M57A L96A1? -
- Design?
- Original Producer
- Internals?
- Upgrade compatibility (<--- That one especially)
- Same as UTG, Well, Type96?

I have no clue.

Any help would be much appreciated
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bloody clone wars up in here :p So will any upgrade parts for those other guns work in the Double Eagle?
Not sure, some probably would be APS2 but I'd just go with the Well, UTG, or TM. If you get the Double Eagles you run the risk of not having some parts being compatible.
Would this barrel work / be a good choice for this gun? Also will it work with the PDI hop up unit? -
If I recall correctly, there are 2 versions of the Double Eagle L96.

First version is a completely proprietary, non compatible version, meaning you basically can't do squat with it. I think it's almost like an AGM L96, but with even weirder parts or something.

The 2nd version is a V.1 L96. This has crappy sears, the "jesus pin" aka "golden pin of death," and an easily removable orange tip that hides a black tip underneath. The removable orange tip and black tip underneath is, I believe, the best way for you to tell which one you have. If you can remove the tip and there's a black tip underneath, odds are that you have the V.1 L96, and that means you can put standard APS2 parts in it.

DE may have come out with a V.2 clone though (aka, the one that UTG and Well produce now) and I might not have known, simply because I don't personally follow DE, which is sort of dead now. A V.2 will have a glued-on and nearly unremovable orange tip, hardened sears, and no "golden pin." The golden pin and orange tip are the best ways for you to tell the difference.
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I could't find any sort of golden/jesus pin in the gun and the orange tip on the end of the gun seems nearly impossible to remove, also the externals and internals of the gun (see photo links) are very similar if not identical to the Well and UTG MK96s. Does this necessarily mean its a new v2 version?
Gun - Internals - Barrel - Top down Internals -
Huh that's interesting. It looks like a V.2 to me, but the receiver and outer barrel are slightly different than that of a V.2 AND a V.1 AND V.3.

The orange tip's diameter is smaller than that of the outer barrel. V.2's and V.3's orange tips are the same diameter, while the V.1's orange tip is larger than the outer barrel's diameter.

Also, there is no "grub screw" in the receiver that helps the outer barrel stay stable.

That is really really weird. The internals do look the same as any old L96 though, so I'd assume you could put any old upgrade parts in there. How interesting though. Learned something new today. Oh, and that orange stock is insane. Is that custom painted?
Yeah yeah it's orange :p wont be for long though or at least not visible under ghille. I'm in uk so painting is complicated (Have no UKARA yet)

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