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My experience with double eagle (M4 sopmod) has been less than stellar, DE is cheaply made, sloppily constructed and of very low performance. The Sopmod that I have I use as a last resort loaner it features lots of extra parts, all cheaply made plastic, a plastic and nylon geared mech box. I have no experience with the replica you have linked to but judging from the "quality" of the M4 your money, this from a described cheap skate. Even if it turns out to be half way reliable. It is not a good platform to build on because there is no way of knowing whether or not upgrade components would work on it unless you buy them and try.

My suggestion is save your pennies for at the very least a UTG Mk 96 (hurts to admit a recommendation for a UTG anything) or a JG BAR 10, which would be better yet.
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