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Im also interested in getting this rifle but still cannot decide.

Here's the Info I have so far:

- The manufacturers claim the rifle shoots around 440fps on .20g OTB but some claim its 470fps (I doubt this is true)
- The searbox is plastic.
- Outer barrel & receiver is metal.
- The inner barrel is made out of brass.
- Some info on the net claims/says that the inner barrel is 6.05 x 515mm.
- The stock is made out of mid-grade plastic.
- Cylinder can be opened (as shown on the pics)
- The package comes with a sling, scope & bipod (was wondering if the scope on the pics is the scope on the package. If it is, then its a plus ;))
- The Bolt Handle resembles the real AWP Bolt Handle. Unlike the AGM version which has a paddle type bolt handle that looks identical to the Gspec Bolt handle.

Details I would like to know:

- Does it take any upgrade parts? (calling sir EdGI
- Can the hop assembly be replaced?
- What type of hopup does it use? (U-Hop or V-hop)
- Which model did it clone? (I just dont like the idea of AGM cloning a VSR for its trigger and the Type 96 for its cylinder. but thats just me

And here are some of the pics I have seen on the net:

The Package: (Courtesy of Tuk$ Shop)

The Rifle:

A glimpse of the Internals:


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Thanks for pointing me out on the right direction vindicare. I just learned that the searbox is plastic (same as with WELL). :-/

I have been constanly contacting EdGI though for a possible upgrade kit. I might get it if he decides to custom make me the upgrades.
will keep you guys posted.

EdGI just gave the go signal. We'll meetup this weekend or maybe next week for him to get the measurements. Ill probably ask him to custom make the following:

- Searbox
- Sears
- Piston
- Spring guide
- Cylinder head (Velocity Booster Valve)
- Spring
- Tightbore

did I miss anything? any other suggestion?
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