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Double Feed assistance

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Got a Bar 10, new cylinder, piston, etc etc... whats stock is the hop up system. Its double feeding once every other shot, or so... and for the life of me I can't figure out why. Any starter ideas on what to check out first?

Last go round, I lubed the snot out of it, so I need to clean all that out, but is there any particular issue I should look for?
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You tried different magazines? What mags are you using?
There is a piece in the hopup that prevents double feeds, it is a little upside-down 'u' piece with a tiny spring behind it. Check and make sure that it is in place properly and not broken or anything. Also, polish your cylinder head nozzle, that can have something to do with it.
Milo, after going through the sets I have, I am pretty confident its not a mag issue, as this is a fairly new development. I have a set of 5 mags I keep 20 in a piece (the usual JG/VSR clone mags), and each mag delivers the same set of error, despite having worked just fine a 1000 rounds ago. Thank you for the suggestion, though. That is the first place my mind went as well until I did a little trouble shooting.

Cheese, I checked the piece you are referring to, and from what I can tell, as the cylinder is pulled back, that piece lowers itself to "hold" the mags in their reserve. Well, at least it -should-. In this particular instance, it seems to be moving only fractions of a milimeter. I would dare say it shifts from settling, rather than actually performing a mechanized function. Its been a bit since I have taken that chamber out for cleaning, so I am thinking some schmootz (thats a technical term, btw) might have gotten up in there, and is either preventing its motion, or the spring causing it is off set, worn, or busted.

::sigh:: way of the world, I fix a trigger issue, only to have a new wacky development in need of attention. In any case, thank you gentlemen. Tips or advice for replacement repair is appreciated as much as initial trouble shooting. ;)
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Give that a shot. That piece should obscure almost half the opening for the cylinder head when fully downward. I had that spring installed incorrectly and it was double feeding all the time for me.
Oi, no dice. I cleaned it out, checked the spring and "U", and indeed it comes down all the way, and gives the appearance of doing its job. Tilting the gun back while while racking a new round prevents this from happening, but its an exaggerated motion, and hardly practical.

I cleaned out the cylinder head (granted, didn't polish it clean, just made sure that there wasn't detritus dirt on it). I am tempted to put a thin strip of adhesive on that U peice, to ensure a better fit.
Don't put adhesive on the U piece, then you will have binding up all over the place in there. Tilting the gun back while racking a new round 'fixes' the issue? Hmm... Is the U piece in good shape? It is possible that a round is coming into contact with the U piece and being forced forward by the round behind it, though it would require that that piece have a beveled edge towards the bucking. Also, is it installed the right way around? That could have some effect. You might try using a very thin strip of aluminum, or something (VERY THIN!!!!) and squaring off the U piece if it is damaged/dented/whatever. That might help.
I should correct myself, by adhesive, I mean adhere something to it to shim it. It might be seating incorrectly due to inadvertant contact, so I want to make it a tighter fit. Obviously, I can't see what is happening once I button it all up, so for all I know, the mag riser isn't flush with the stop for it, and its not a gun issue, but a spacing issue. Ho hum, still tinkering.
Ah, okay. That is something to look at doing. Although, I am not sure that a tighter fit will necessarily help anything, it is worth trying.
Anyone considered that the spring pressing the "U" bit down is lacking its usual power, so occasionally isn't pressing down all the way, or is being easily pushed out of the way by a second bb, both of which could result in double feeds? Just another suggestion.
That, or the u thing has that NO "hole" where bb stays, example of a working u thing:
(0) from back
.0. from side without the "hands".
My theory is that your u thing is flat where the bb should rest when cocking, and that's why it's letting another bb thru
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