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Drag bags.

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Does anyone use them to carry their gear and/or gun? It wouldn't be practical for me but maybe for the likes of someone who plays in a very large field and would stay in one position for a long time. It would just seem like an easier way to bring your rfile around with you.

Example A)
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I use mine as a rifle and accessory bag as I have a small walk from the parking lot to the staging area. I have an NcSTAR one in OD, It's a good buy for the $50.
I personally wouldn't use one for the purpose that it's intended. They would be great to store a rifle and accessories at the house like a gun case, but I wouldn't ever actually drag one around on the field.
I use one when I can.

When going to a 2 or 3 day game they can really come in handy. When you are using your 2nd weapon you can have your sniper rifle on your back and move with your squad. But when you get to your break off point, you can switch weapons and still have another weapon if needed.
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