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Do you own/use a drag bag?

Drag Bags

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Just a quick poll on how many own/use a drag bag.
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I typically will cary mine out on the field if I am playing a 2 or 3 day game. I will go to my hide area with an M4 or just my pistol drawn, this way I can move much quicker and much more silent. My spotter can take care of the people we see from point A to point B.

After set up in the blind we will usually take a nap :D Then get back up and pull the rifle out of the bag and get to work. Why the nap.... because people are usually looking for me right off the bat, and if I am not out walking/crawling around I can't be found :D So I sit back and chill for a little bit untill people forget about me. Then after a while I will go to work :D
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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