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Dragunov Scope? Where to find a good one?

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I am getting a A&K Dragunov and I want to put a classic Dragunov scope on it. I am having some trouble finding a good scope/scope mount. I need the scope to be extremely durable, and be able to attach without too much modification. Also under $100 would be nice :). So, if you have have any good recommendations I would really like to hear them, thanks.

Also, any good upgrades for an A&K Dragunov?
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Well the "classic Dragunov scope" is called PSO. The POSP is belarus made copy. To find a authentic PSO under 100$ (which is in a goos shape) is hard. I payd about 200$ for my baby in the old days. Mayne some pso clones can be that cheap. Try Ebay.
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