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Drop-In TDC kit for VSR platform

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Hi guys, check this out: Drop-in TDC kit for VSR platform.
Easiest way to get a TDC in 2 simple steps.

1.) Drill 2.5mm hole to outer barrel acording guiding block (no meassuring needed)
2.) Drop in the TDC kit to hopup chaber instead of stock lever.

It is designed for stock hopup chamber and ML buckings as there is a lot of performance for little price and effort (possible to customize for other hopup buckings).
I built it for guys that don´t want any extended parts on gun but want to enhance their VSR performance with TDC.

Here is short video of first shots:

What do you think?


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Wow, awesome !!!
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I like that it is an arm replacement. So using this you can gain the durability of a metal arm but the consistency of the TDC. I have the AA chamber, so I don't really need this, but I'd like to see it in action.
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Added video

You can watch full instalation video uder 4 minutes, link added in original post.:yup:
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