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Dual wielding MP9s

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My primary is a well mb04. I currently have one MP9 and was considering getting another to dual wield. Would having two mp9's as my secondary be worth it??? it sure does sound like a lot of fun. And how would I holster both?

The only way I can think of is with two drop leg holsters. The holsters work really well and prevent it from moving much but it is kinda heavy on your legs.
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Not worth it, just get another mag if you want more firepower.
It does seem rather fun, but since GBBs actually have some kick (although slight), it'd be pretty inaccurate. Don't we pride ourselves on our precise, well timed (and placed) fire?
I think its not worth it. Yeah it would be alot of fun but two drop leg holsters?- that would drive me crazy after one normal game, not to mind sniping. All that crawlng would make me throw the holsters into the bushes after 30 seconds.
I forgot to mention I play in a CQB environment. The place I play at is on 20 acres with lots of buildings but also plenty of spots for snipers. So I was thinking dual mp9's would be great when clearing out a room to get into position.
I'd say, try it with some cheap electric MP5K's to see if it suits you?
That makes more sense. Maybe try borrowing one to try it out?
Yeah I might try Killer's idea. I don't know enough people who play to barrow one. But thanks for the help.
If anyone else has experience with dual wielding mp9 or pistols, I would like to hear what you have to say
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