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Dual wielding MP9s

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My primary is a well mb04. I currently have one MP9 and was considering getting another to dual wield. Would having two mp9's as my secondary be worth it??? it sure does sound like a lot of fun. And how would I holster both?

The only way I can think of is with two drop leg holsters. The holsters work really well and prevent it from moving much but it is kinda heavy on your legs.
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I forgot to mention I play in a CQB environment. The place I play at is on 20 acres with lots of buildings but also plenty of spots for snipers. So I was thinking dual mp9's would be great when clearing out a room to get into position.
Yeah I might try Killer's idea. I don't know enough people who play to barrow one. But thanks for the help.
If anyone else has experience with dual wielding mp9 or pistols, I would like to hear what you have to say
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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