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Dull painted rifle

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For those of us who want to paint our rifles, but would rather have a flat and or dull look to their rifle. What paints are reccomended? Also is primer needed when painting?
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Krylon or other camo spray paint is good. And a primer is not needed.
I paint all my guns with this paint. Comes in a variety of colors and seems to stick/last longer on my guns.

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There's a powder-coating company down the road from me and I was thinking of getting mine professionally powder coated there. It would be very very durable, but is getting my rifle powder-coated a little too over the top?
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Most people swear by Halfords camouflage paint and Krylon.
Regular krylon paint... For a full look mist the finished rifle with an extremely light coat of black paint.
When i come to do my gun i'm gonna paint it with the spray paint i use for pictures/pieces etc. It's called Belton Molotow Premium, there are plenty of colours to choose from. They are a street art brand that produces plenty of different stuff to go with it, but i think their paint is great; weather resistant and it sprays matte. Also it can be cheaper than Rusto and other paints; in the UK i buy a 400ml can for £3.50, a Rusto/Other can is around £8.

Other companies i'd recommend would be Montana (Get Montana Gold if possible)

See this:

Not painting it at all and using sniper tape as a base and then using a light brush of dark brown altra flat over it.

You will save yourself 20+ dollars in paint and your rifle will absorb light rather than reflect it. Theres a reason that the Paras RMs and other shooters in the UK army use sniper tape on their long guns. Also if you screw up just remove it or paint over it. I would discourage anyone to paint their rifles with out this tape as a base.
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My gun is currently taped, can i ask how you keep it from peeling? mine always peels up.
My gun is currently taped, can i ask how you keep it from peeling? mine always peels up.
You need this.

This is the type of tape you need. Its $24 but will not peel off and will out last your gun easily as its milspec
Gotta admit that looks sweet man; ill check out the tape too, for now mine is doing the job, just peels in well used places, whether or not its my tape placement i dont know.
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