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Figured as moderators, we should make the proper introductions of ourselves, as we frequent and run the boards I think you all should know who we are.

Callsign: Dutton

Team: 86th Ohio Regiment

Experience: Been playing airsoft for about 7-8ish years now. I'm generally a Squad Leader for my team, though I have guns to fill any role imaginable.

Also, I've been in the USAF since 26 Sept 07 - My job is 2A653

Arsenal: You really wanna know?!

CA M24 - 550 FPS
Maruzen APS II SV - 500 FPS
TM VSR10 - 600 FPS
Custom Star SL9SD - 500 FPS
Systema M4 PTW - 290-550 FPS
Custom SR16 - 415 FPS
Custom SR47 - 385 FPS
Custom G36C - 300 FPS
CA Scar-L CQB - 300 FPS
CA MG36 - 380 FPS
CA M249 MKII - 380 FPS

WA Para Ordnance SCW 3 - 300 FPS
WA Para Ordnance P.14 - 300 FPS
WA Pro Killer - 330 FPS
WA Wilson Combat - 300 FPS
TM M92 Tac Master - 300 FPS
KJW M9 - 300 FPS

CAW Revolving Launcher
CA Short M203 RIS

Camo: Don't use a ghillie. I have several different patterns
-Desert Marpat
-and soon, Multicam

Hobbies: I enjoy shooting real steel, gaming (PS3/Wii) and hanging out with friends

Where do you live: I live in Ohio, and my team travels to MI, PA, KY, IN, IL and TN. I've also played in Oahu, Hawaii.

Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

(If you didn't notice, I have a thing for WA 1911s, and I really enjoy building custom guns)

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That sir, is a nice array of weaponry ;) I suppose its not the right thing to do to welcome you to the boards.....or should we just bow down in your presence
;) (oh man, I'll have to do the same now when wandall does this :-/)
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