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Echo 1 ASR Knowledge Compendium

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First off I'd like to attribute this information to bobgengeskahn, Ronin055, and the many other helpful people on here and on None of this is my own work; I just happen to have read about the Echo 1 ASR for 30 hours so far this week.

What I found is the lack of an "all you can eat" collection of information for this rifle. My goal is to provide that. Moderators, please feel free to edit this post.

ECHO 1 ASR - - $100-115 USD

About the base rifle:
The Echo 1 ASR is a rebrand of the WELL MB06. On the lower end of the price range for sniper rifle platforms, it is generally accepted that upgrades are required to field this weapon in a war. This is also one of the few bolt action sniper rifles (BASR) that can be easily modified to a left-handed rifle.

Are there common issues?:
The number one reported issue is a loose stock. This can be corrected by disassembling the receiver and tightening the stock from the inside.

What parts should I upgrade?:
Here is a list of upgrade parts, based on a mash-up of bob's, Ronin's, and various posts I have found. I'm adding in 'options' so you can play with your price range. When it comes to quality though, you get what you pay for.

Compatibility explained by bob:
"Cylinder, trigger, piston, spring, guide etc. are APS2. Hop up, barrel, spacers, outer barrel threads are L96."
Upgrade Kits: $33-
Echo 1 - This kit comes with "an upgraded metal spring guide, upgraded metal piston, an upgraded spring, and a torque absorbing bearing set." - $33

Angel Custom Advanced Precision Airsoft APS / APS2 / Type 96 / M99 500 FPS SP150 Tune Up Kit - $48
Includes Carbon Steel SP150 high power irregular pitch power-up spring, 100% T6 Aluminum High Performance Piston, 100% T6 Aluminum High Performance Spring Guide with guide rod.
Inner Barrel: $35-74
What to look for? Steel and brass are superior materials than aluminum.
Prometheus 455mm / 6.03mm EG Tight Bore Barrel for Airsoft AEG (AK47, AK47S Length) - $74

New Version Mad Bull Airsoft Black Python 6.03mm tight Bore Inner AEG Barrel. (455mm) - $30


MadBull Ver. 2 Precision Inner Barrel for M16 (509mm) - $35

Why nothing longer?
vindi says: "It has long been accepted in the spring powered bolt action world that anything over 509mm is pointless and actually causes the rifle to be less accurate"
Barrel Spacers: $18-20
You can also make your own if you are on a budget.
Hop Up Chamber: $85
Hop Up Bucking: $5-16
Spring: $15-20
Angel Custom PSS2 Mega-Up APS / Type96 Power Up Spring - SP150 (420~520 FPS) - $15

FF PSS2 M150 (thick type) - $18

Angel Custom PSS2 Mega-Up APS / Type96 Power Up Spring - SP170 (480~550 FPS) - $15

FF PSS2 M170 (thick type) - $20

Why nothing more powerful (>170)?:
bobgengeskahn says: "I would also recommend that people NOT put anything over a M150 or M170 spring. I have a M210 in mine and have successfully torqued/bent my bolt handle."
Scope: $45-70
Tactical 3-9x40 Rubber Scope (Ruby Lens) W/ Scope Ring Set by NC Star / AIM - $45

Leapers 5th Gen 3-9x50 AO Mil-Dot Rifle Scope with R/G Reticle, 1" Tube - $70
Silencer/Barrel Extension: $23-60 (OPTIONAL)
ELEMENT silencer "NATO" engraved 14mm +/- - $23

Echo1 M28 Type Airsoft Force Recon Barrel Extension - (14mm Negative / Covers up 180mm of outer barrel) - $55

Madbull Gemtech Quick Detatch Mock Supressor Barrel Extension w/ QD Flashhider. (Black) - $60
What DIY upgrades should I perform?:
Should I "swiss-cheese" my piston?
vindicareassassin replies: "For all those of you who are thinkin 'Oh, I'll Swiss cheese my piston as it will be lighter and spring forward easier', stop it! Leave such mods to the go faster full auto queens, for a DMR it is a good thing to have the extra weight. You will need the extra weight in the piston to help to shift the heavy weight BBs you should be using, as nothing gets things moving like a heavy object with some inertia behind it. "
Teflon Tape Seal Improvement:

Make your own Fishbone Hop Up Nub:

Polish your new barrel:
In general, I know there is more that I don't know than I do know, and I welcome any corrections, comments, or additions.
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Nice job on the write-up! For that last section I would recommend pulling some pics and putting a link from here That's not exactly what I did for my ASR, but it gives you a good idea of what to do.

Also, from what I have heard, the Echo1 kit is garbage (I believe Ronin actually has/had one, so he would be better to ask). I have the PSS APS2 piston and head, they work great with white lithium grease in there.

I would also recommend that people NOT put anything over a M150 or M170 spring. I have a M210 in mine ( ) and have successfully torqued/bent my bolt handle.
What I'll probably do actually is start a new thread in the general section you can link to, since its something that can be done to any hopup unit, and that way the mods can sticky it if they want.

Also, I wouldn't spend that much on a scope for airsoft, especially an NcStar scope. I got mine at Big5 for ~$35 and it works fine... you can check it out when we meet up.
saint said:
Nice collection, I have spent much of the last 3 weeks trying to find a lot of the same information, and you have done a great job of putting it in one place.

A few of questions I am still trying to find answers to:

Good grip upgrade? I have seen a lot of conjecture but not much knowledge. There used to be an adapter for AEG grips, but it appears to be gone. I am about to take mine to Cabelas to do real steel grip shopping. I've been looking at ar-15 and ar-25 grips.

Solid stock upgrade? I use my ASR from the shoulder and I hate stock wiggle. I would like to see this ACE style on an ASR. n4

Which adjustable stocks work? I have seen CTR type stocks used, although there is some debate as to which will work and which won't.

Last question... Why not 6.01 barrels? I have been looking at different 455mm 6.01 as my next upgrade.


The only 6.01 barrel I had that worked well was a DBcustom that I got on clearance at AEX since DB went out of buisness. Accuracy wise it was better than the Madbull 6.03 that I have in there right now, but required more cleaning.

Wyvernfist and I had that conversation about stocks while we were at AEX. I believe that if you keep the stock buffer tube you can fit an LE style stock on there and just take off the stock stock. However, I am not sure how to remove the stock buffer tube since I've never had a problem with it.

The grip I believe is a standard real steel AR grip, so it should work with any RS grip, NOT an AEG grip... Ill have to check when I get home tonight though to verify that.

In reading your OP I started to think about what DIY stuff I did to mine when I first got it. I got my ASR as a budget build to get into sniping, so I did all DIY mods from the start before I actually started with aftermarket parts.

On the "drive-train" (bolt assembly/trigger box area):
1. Spacer on the spring guide.
I took the piston down to my local OSH and went to my favorite isle (the one with all the little parts, springs, spacers etc.) and got a metal bushing that fit in the piston, about 1/2" long. Took a drill bit and drilled out the center to fit over the spring guide.

Effectively this upgraded the spring for 0.25c

Note that the stock spring is the THIN type.

2. Polish, bore and counter sink the cylinder head.
Self explanatory. The stock head is flared, but it doesn't hurt to spin it in a drill and smooth it out with sand paper and polish it with some brasso.

Cost: FREE

3. Polish the inside of the cylinder and replace the stock piston O-Ring.
Again, self explanatory. Easiest way to do that is to use a rag over a dowel with brasso. Also, stretching the O-Ring like in Vindis DMR guide helps

Cost: FREE

Font end (Barrel, hop up, spacers)
1: Polish the barrel
Covered in your OP. I used Brasso and turtle car wax.

Cost: FREE

2: Electrical tape spacers.
If you do the last few layers tight, almost tight enough that you're ripping it, the tape will actually expand in the barrel and give a really really tight fit

Cost: $1.99 electrical tape if you need to get it.

3: Teflon tape, everywhere!
Hop up, Bucking, threads holding the hop up in, nozzle head, cylinder head etc.

Here is a snippet from my first post (ever) detailing some of the results I had:

bobgengeskahn said:
I went ahead and got the firefly bucking (the only aftermarket part that I purchased for it) and I am having trouble deciding if I should use the original bucking or the firefly (I know this may sound like a noob dilemma but hear me out)

I have not chronoed it yet, but stock it shoots 470-480, with the spacer I am assuming it is around 500-510. I am using Javelin .36 non-bio BBs and Mad Bull .43 non-bio BBs. For all of the shots the hop up was set all the way down (off?) so turning down the hopup is not an option (unless there are mods to the hop up that I can do that I havent heard of yet)

The firefly has A LOT of hop, I whipped it with dental floss and then wrapped the whole thing with teflon tape before re-installing it.
The firefly is more consistent than the stock bucking.
(2" @ 30' and about 7" @ 90' with no fliers)

Way too much hop to use .36s, can only use .43s
At 90' the BB flight path dips about a foot before hitting target.

The stock bucking was installed the same way (dental floss and teflon tape)
Flight path is flatter over all
I can use .36s (closer range 30'-40') and .43s (longer) and still hold tighter groups

Groups are slightly larger and there is a flier every 4th or 5th shot
(2.5" @ 30' and about 9" @ 90' not counting fliers)
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I haven't really done anything to my ASR to improve the feel per se. I painted it and usually run with the bipod on, so it
Maybe, it's pretty close to 7 but the bipod doesn't make up 3 pounds. The stock barrel is cut for an L96 with an L96 hop up unit. The Madbull barrel that Echo1 says works with it is a little long and its 6.03
With the ASR cylinder I wouldn't go over a 455 IMO.

@Madhellsing: Spend some more time reading around here and specifically searching for threads on barrel length. Longer barrel very rarely = longer range. Also, comparing GBBRs to spring bolt guns or AEGs is like apples and oranges.
IDK if the APSII trigger box is compatible, but you shouldn't worry about breaking it at 550. Mine chronos at 640 with the stock trigger. Worry about the bolt first. If you're using a stock piston at 550, which is possible with simple mods, you'll probably break your piston before you break the trigger.
You chronos at 640fps only in test or when you play with her this power?
Since I did the conversion I only use the ASR in private games with extended AOE, otherwise its too much trouble to convert it back and forth to make it field legal for regulation fields.
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