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Echo 1 ASR Knowledge Compendium

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First off I'd like to attribute this information to bobgengeskahn, Ronin055, and the many other helpful people on here and on None of this is my own work; I just happen to have read about the Echo 1 ASR for 30 hours so far this week.

What I found is the lack of an "all you can eat" collection of information for this rifle. My goal is to provide that. Moderators, please feel free to edit this post.

ECHO 1 ASR - - $100-115 USD

About the base rifle:
The Echo 1 ASR is a rebrand of the WELL MB06. On the lower end of the price range for sniper rifle platforms, it is generally accepted that upgrades are required to field this weapon in a war. This is also one of the few bolt action sniper rifles (BASR) that can be easily modified to a left-handed rifle.

Are there common issues?:
The number one reported issue is a loose stock. This can be corrected by disassembling the receiver and tightening the stock from the inside.

What parts should I upgrade?:
Here is a list of upgrade parts, based on a mash-up of bob's, Ronin's, and various posts I have found. I'm adding in 'options' so you can play with your price range. When it comes to quality though, you get what you pay for.

Compatibility explained by bob:
"Cylinder, trigger, piston, spring, guide etc. are APS2. Hop up, barrel, spacers, outer barrel threads are L96."
Upgrade Kits: $33-
Echo 1 - This kit comes with "an upgraded metal spring guide, upgraded metal piston, an upgraded spring, and a torque absorbing bearing set." - $33

Angel Custom Advanced Precision Airsoft APS / APS2 / Type 96 / M99 500 FPS SP150 Tune Up Kit - $48
Includes Carbon Steel SP150 high power irregular pitch power-up spring, 100% T6 Aluminum High Performance Piston, 100% T6 Aluminum High Performance Spring Guide with guide rod.
Inner Barrel: $35-74
What to look for? Steel and brass are superior materials than aluminum.
Prometheus 455mm / 6.03mm EG Tight Bore Barrel for Airsoft AEG (AK47, AK47S Length) - $74

New Version Mad Bull Airsoft Black Python 6.03mm tight Bore Inner AEG Barrel. (455mm) - $30


MadBull Ver. 2 Precision Inner Barrel for M16 (509mm) - $35

Why nothing longer?
vindi says: "It has long been accepted in the spring powered bolt action world that anything over 509mm is pointless and actually causes the rifle to be less accurate"
Barrel Spacers: $18-20
You can also make your own if you are on a budget.
Hop Up Chamber: $85
Hop Up Bucking: $5-16
Spring: $15-20
Angel Custom PSS2 Mega-Up APS / Type96 Power Up Spring - SP150 (420~520 FPS) - $15

FF PSS2 M150 (thick type) - $18

Angel Custom PSS2 Mega-Up APS / Type96 Power Up Spring - SP170 (480~550 FPS) - $15

FF PSS2 M170 (thick type) - $20

Why nothing more powerful (>170)?:
bobgengeskahn says: "I would also recommend that people NOT put anything over a M150 or M170 spring. I have a M210 in mine and have successfully torqued/bent my bolt handle."
Scope: $45-70
Tactical 3-9x40 Rubber Scope (Ruby Lens) W/ Scope Ring Set by NC Star / AIM - $45

Leapers 5th Gen 3-9x50 AO Mil-Dot Rifle Scope with R/G Reticle, 1" Tube - $70
Silencer/Barrel Extension: $23-60 (OPTIONAL)
ELEMENT silencer "NATO" engraved 14mm +/- - $23

Echo1 M28 Type Airsoft Force Recon Barrel Extension - (14mm Negative / Covers up 180mm of outer barrel) - $55

Madbull Gemtech Quick Detatch Mock Supressor Barrel Extension w/ QD Flashhider. (Black) - $60
What DIY upgrades should I perform?:
Should I "swiss-cheese" my piston?
vindicareassassin replies: "For all those of you who are thinkin 'Oh, I'll Swiss cheese my piston as it will be lighter and spring forward easier', stop it! Leave such mods to the go faster full auto queens, for a DMR it is a good thing to have the extra weight. You will need the extra weight in the piston to help to shift the heavy weight BBs you should be using, as nothing gets things moving like a heavy object with some inertia behind it. "
Teflon Tape Seal Improvement:

Make your own Fishbone Hop Up Nub:

Polish your new barrel:
In general, I know there is more that I don't know than I do know, and I welcome any corrections, comments, or additions.
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Ok so I would like a little bit of help. I recently purchased an Echo 1 ASR. I did the research and was watching the Youtube videos showing people disassembling and "upgrading" the weapon. So i purchased this Angel Custom Advanced Precision Airsoft APS / APS2 / Type 96 / M99 500 FPS SP170 Tune Up Kit, Accessories & Parts, Sniper Rifle Parts, *Shop by Model, APS-2 / Type 96 - Airsoft Superstore . Come to find out it doesnt work. I contacted the Techs on Evike and they basically told me its an un-upgradable weapon system. Now with my experience i have never seen an Airsoft gun that wasnt upgradable. I wanted to 100% upgrade it. Trigger, cylinder, piston, spring, spring guide, inner barrel, hopup, and a new barrel cap. I just cant find anyone or any site that can give me 100% guarantee that this or that will fit. If anyone on here can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Kompletní upgrade set válce pro MB-06,13 (SR-2) -

and this (if it ever gets restocked)CNC spou??ový mechanismus pro MB06, MB13... -

should solve half your problems. Then you just get a PDI l96 hop up, and any barrel you want. Thats it, right?
I took apart my DCSWS (a rebrand of the MB06 from what I can tell) to try to fix some stock wobble, and also out of curiosity. I didn't end up fixing the stock wobble, and after putting it back together I saw a spring and a pin on the towel I'd been working on. I'm not sure where they came from and I was hoping someone here would know. It might actually be from something else, as I have a bad habit of taking things apart without knowing how to put them back together properly. But I can't think of anything else that I've done that to recently. Here's a picture of the spring and pin. The pin itself is plastic.

Here's a picture I found of a different bolt assembly that shows a spring and pin that look somewhat similar in size and shape. However, I know it's not this spring and pin because I did take apart the bolt assembly and I remember replacing that spring and pin when putting it back together. And that pin was metal and not plastic.

I did test fire the rifle a few times and it still shoots without a problem, but I'm concerned that continual use of it with a missing part may result in damage.
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There are two such springs/pins in the bolt assembly. One to have the bolt "click" up and down, the other to prevent the bolt handle from going down when it's pulled back.

There's also another pin that tends to fall out with a similar shape but without a spring that goes into the bolt handle piece. But that one doesn't have a spring.

Either way, I wouldn't worry if I were you. You can do without those pins, you'll just be able to drop the bolt when it's pulled back if you remove them.
There are two such springs/pins in the bolt assembly. One to have the bolt "click" up and down, the other to prevent the bolt handle from going down when it's pulled back.

There's also another pin that tends to fall out with a similar shape but without a spring that goes into the bolt handle piece. But that one doesn't have a spring.

Either way, I wouldn't worry if I were you. You can do without those pins, you'll just be able to drop the bolt when it's pulled back if you remove them.
Thanks, Reliku! Knowing what that piece is and that it's not absolutely necessary definitely puts my mind at ease.
I am currently working on a trigger unit for the ASR. My kid has one, and I figured I may as well make triggers for it too. I couldnt believe how complex that stock unit is.
OK I have a fair few things to add to this.

First off do a steel cylinder a zero trigger and various other bits and pieces for this all of which are very very nice quality and all of which are drop in with not modification involved. ( lol thats listed directly above DOH)

In case its not already been said these take l96 style hop units and the asr is also known as well mb06 and asg urban sniper.
An l96 style bipod plug to ris adaptor can be fitted with relative ease to the fron allowing for more choice for bipods and potential for other things you may or may not want on your rifle (a front sling point for example).

As far as teh grip goes teh stock one is horrible and can be replaced easily in one of 2 ways without any real modification. First someone has made a much more comfortable grip that is available on thingyverse should you have access to a 3d printer (or use a website such as sculpteo). The second option is also 3d printed but this time it is a grip adapter which accepts real steel grips. (I currently have an ergo on mine but thats a place holder until I get something with a palm rest).

I am also currently altering mine so that it has the capacity to take a prs stock. The process itself is very easy and only really requires about 30 seconds of dremmelling to make the modification. as it currently is though it isnt very comfortable so I still have a bit of work to do I'll likely make a post on how to do it when I'm finished.

Any airsoft spec or comercial spec stocks will fit the buffer tube. I would personally reccomend a mft bus stock as they are robust, reasonably hefty (helping with weapon balance), have some storage space and also look great on them.

I would reccomend barrel spacers and I would urge against using a suppressor as I found the rifle unmanageably long with a suppressor (though if you do want one looking for well mb06 silencer adapter will get you what you need).

I would reccomend locktiting the bolt handle in place as it has a tendancy to come loose very quickly.

I think that about sums it up, apologies if I have repeated anything but I havent seen what I've written whilst skimming through. Hope this is helpful :)

grip adapter
cylinder, trigger and others
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I Know this form is kinda old but i was wondering since i have a history of not being able to fix things if there was a fully upgraded system i could order for my echo 1 asr. I'm thinking of something that i can simply insert into my gun frame after taking everything else out of the frame. This probably isn't possible but why not give it a try. Thx if you help.
Good evening.

I am very inexperienced in tech (good with theory, awful with tools). I have an ASR, and just installed the following modifications:

KPP (a Brazilian brand) Inner barrel 6.03.
MAPPLE LEAF Diamond bucking;
BRAVO Upgraded spring (550 fps) and spring guide;
DARK FOX (a local rebrand) 0.45 BBs.

My 2 issues are:

1 - After I assembled everything, my shots seems to go straight for approximately 70 meters, and then they go the left, like a curve ball. Weirdly enough, that appears to be consistent. What should I look for when I disassemble to investigate?

2 - I would like your opinion on this:

HOP UP UNIT FOR WELL MB-01,04,05,06,08,13,14 - GEN.2

UPDATE: I got the hopup from AirsoftPro and installed it. We had to remove 2 small rubber dots that came in the hoput unit "butt" to fit. Seems to be working well, but I need to go to the field ans test it.
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Hello everyone!

Update: I managed to install the hopup from Airsoftpro and Maple Leaf AEG bucking (70).

So most of the time my spring sniper rifle works, and I managed to make a huge impact in some games, when conditions help me (area openness, winds, missions etc.).

But one thing annoys me: the internals are fixed in place entirely by just 1 tiny screw that connects to the external barrel. The result? The screw keeps getting "screwed", bent, destroyed, pushed out of position etc.

Does anyone faced with this problem? I feel like because of this I need to make adjustments every other major game.

Anyone have a solution? This is a ASR only problem or other rifles are the same? I took a look at the SSG24 for disassemble for example :yup:and it looks much more robust.
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