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So I recently got a slightly upgraded m16 for a good deal and had a blast running as a riflemen, but I think it's time for me to get back to my roots. I'm going to convert it into a reliable dmr, and i'm going to be throwing picks up as I go, and I may even turn it into a mini guide if I have enought time to. If anyone has any suggestions on the gun, then I would be appreciative.

1. Madbull 6.03 tb
2. Systema shims
3. Systema bucking
4.high torque motor (echo 1)

Future upgrades *Parts I already own*
1. Systema tappet plate*
2. Systema spring guide*
3.120-130 spring, not sure what I want to do yet

Have a suggestion for parts please post them.

1. Stabalize barrel
2. Shim hop up
3. upgrade GB

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My suggestion for a build:

Madbull Ultimate 3-in-1 Hop-Up
Madbull 6.03 Inner Barrel
Firefly soft hop-up bucking

High Torque Motor or some sorts- Check
Then I would just recommend a Guarder SP120 FTK, I had one in my AUG a long time back and it made for a nice sub-420 DMR setup. If you are interested in going above 420, then you'll need different parts.

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Today I took some time and tweaked the hop up. I did the following upgrades.

1. I first took the hop up bucking and turned it inside out. I then followed to sand the nub of the inside of the bucking according to vindi's guide.

2. I took the hop up and added some very small shims to each side of the hop up arm to stabablize the hop up.

3. Instead of using a plastic nub, I'm using my own type of mod. I took the systema nub and inserted a piece of plastic in the middle of it. This in return acts almost the same as a custom hard plastic nub.

4. I cut the last few m.m. of of the end of the bucking, again thanks to vindi.

After I installed all of this, I whent out and fired a few shots at about 120 feet and I was blown away.

Fps. 329
Distane 120 feet
Ammo weight .25's

I was out of heavy ammo, but I was very surprised by my results, and I'll continue to post as time goes on.

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You'd be amazed what you can jet just out of tuning hop-up chambers. As much as I like the Madbull one recommended above, you can usually get good results from the stock chambers with the right bucking and/or bucking mods and nub that works well with it, and proper shimming. I suggest continued experimentation with it before buying anything new.

The Echo 1 high torque IIRC is another re-brand of the Element high torque, which is excellent for DMR applications.

Make sure the gearbox is properly shimmed and the piston angle of engagement is correct.

I would suggest replacing the nozzle with one with an o-ring, to improve air-seal. I have had great luck with Guarder. Check cylinder compression - if you are losing compression at the piston head, replace or stretch the o-ring, and if you are leaking at the cylinder head, seal it using silicon sealant.

And of course, barrel stabilization and tightbore.

With the aforementioned mods/upgrades you should be able to run on an M130 if desired. Depending on your battery, you may want to consider a mosfet.
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