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Echo 1 M28

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Hey all. Im looking to get rid of my old M28. Im based out of Columbia, South Carolina.

I picked it up from a friend and put a few new parts into it, then took it out to the field only to find it slam-firing. More parts later and it works for all of 10 shots, then the sears breaks. Gave it a stiple and a paintjob and still have yet to get the sears together for the main reason i do not know much about sears (and I have no money)

The rifle will come with
6 mags (4 metal, 2 plastic)
threaded barrel adaptor (-14)
2 cylinders (stock/300% tune-up)
Powerline 3-9x scope
1 Echo 1 M28.

Gold is the metal piston and the 300% spring, grey is the stock plastic piston with the stock spring.
Im asking for either 100$ OBO or trades for just about anything. (VSR, pistols, gear) Offer and ill see what i can do. Unfortunatly it will come disassembled.
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Edited with pictures

Sorry for double post, delete if nessisary.
Nope? Yes the gold one is the KS cylinder (matrix rebranded for evike) but I haven't had the piston break or anything, it does make a pretty loud noise when it fires, but sorbo should fix that.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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