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Any suggestions on upgrades for an Echo M14 EBR. I find its a really nice M14 compared to Echo's other models but I really would like to get that FPS higher so we can use it for my team's assault section as a DM weapon.

yeah I just got 1- as my backup AEG, for when I dont feel like being in a Sniper role, just to piss BBs into the locals...

She chrono's @ 308 w/ 25s.
I might upgrade her a bit (350)


OK I'll do 1-up, but NOTE

it will NOT be a basis for a "Sniper" Rifle.
this is the EBR ( Enhanced Battle Rifle )

so, I'll get into the FPS / ROF accuracy and such

I'll tell yeah 1-thing tho...

this beast is NICE & HEAVY.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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