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Echo1 ER-25K build questions

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I picked up an ER-25K body through a trade for tech work. I have a mechbox and parts to get it to 450FPS but I'm not really interested in AEGs anymore. I would consider doing this if I had to or at the request of a buyer if I sell this. For now I'm thinking of replacing my finance's JG BAR-10 with it, which will give her a little more role flexibility and a higher volume of fire. The BAR-10 might find its way on y'alls commerce section if it doesn't sell on alabama airsoft quickly.

I am missing a hopup unit, barrel, pistol grip, rear sight, flash hider, suppressor, mags and mechbox. But, not bad for free. Below I have some questions about accuracy upgrades. I'll be buying over seas if its a concern.

Any suggestions on M4 hopups? This will be my first replica to use a M4 hopup but please, tried and true only. I was thinking of a King Arms.

I am thinking of using a 407mm 6.03 Prometheus or PDI 6.05. I'm looking for just accuracy with the barrel and not a velocity boost. Is there an optimum barrel length? I'll need a flash hider so a barrel extension in not out of the question. Anyone have a SR-25 suppressor up for grabs or where to get one?

I will need a hopup bucking too. Anybody have a suggestion? I am think about using the KWA 2GX bucking. Anyone have experience with the firefly with the firefly flat nub?

This will be one of those works in progress. That will not be completed quickly. I'm thinking that this should last me at least a few months.

Thank you for all the input,

PS: 200th post, woot!
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Hop-up/ barrel setup:
Madbull Ultimate 3-in-1 w/ Firefly Soft Type(V Bucking) is what I run in my SR-25.
As for the barrel, I run a madbull 6.01 in mine with decent results, though I may step it up eventually, I was just on a tight budget.

I would run a 509mm barrel through a suppressor for optimum length. I would go with the Prometheus 6.03mm, 509mm long in your build.I assume your outer is only 407mm long so I think you could get any suppressor(unless you want that SR one) and just put it on(so long as the threading is correct). That is what I did, you can check out my SR-25 in the gallery.

So far though, my rifle shoots beautifully. It sits at 450fps if you were curious about that.

Let me know if you need more information.
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