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Echo1 M28 Sears/Mag problems

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Hey guys, I recently picked up a friends semi-new Echo 1 M28. He had succumb to the slam fire problem, and attempted to fix it with a new trigger box and sears set from ASGI. Installed it all correctly, but it still slam-fired.

Once i got it, I bought the new 300% Cylinder set from EHobby Asia and fully fixed the slam firing, but now Ive run into a new problem.

When i pull the bolt back, the first sears wont catch the metal piston. And with the brand new metal piston, i know it has to be the sears. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and would know how to fix it?

And the other issue is that i recently bought 4 KS mags (same as the plastic E1 mags, except metal) and Ive been having a few feeding issues, where when I pull the bolt back, it will load 4-6 bbs into the area where the cylinder is. But it doesn't do it every time, just randomly. Any idea why it would do that?

Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.
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So I would need a new 90 degree sears to fix it?

And I'll see if that's the issue, I'll let them sit and compress
Piston has paint chipped nothing more
Sears is defenatly worn, looks dipped almost at the tip.


Just opened up my trigger to check out the sears and it turns out that under the small pin that holds the first sear in place, the entire metal, ASGI reinforced sear was broken. huge crack running down it.

So, defenatly time for a new sear. I was told elsewhere a Deep Fire vsr would be good, is that 90 degree?
Shes already been painted beautifully, or so I think. But i wouldnt mind sending it to get her fixed up.

Before and after:
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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