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Echo1 Type/96 Upgrade Kit

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So here I am going to be doing a little mini review of the echo1 upgrade kit.
First I installed this to my utg mk96 and I also think it works with the echo1 asr.
It comes with a metal spring,piston,and spring guide.I bought this kit for 30$ I think but it might have been on sale.Most of the type 96 upgrade kit's was around 40 or 50$.The kit is supposed to make your gun have a 20% power increase.Which is definately true and not a lie.I chronoed the gun with .28's at 492fps.Which I never use .28's in this gun.I normally use .36's.So it will make your utg mk96 shoot 500+fps with .2's.When you get your kit you will first think your spring is not strong enough to shoot 500+ but this spring can definately pull it.I am not saying this because I own this kit but I give this upgrade kit a rating of 10/10 because I have had no problems with it and I am very happy with it.


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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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