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EdGI Upgrades - Pricings

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After speaking to Ed, the man behind EdGI custom, I found out the prices for his products.

VSR-10 Upgrade Parts:

EdGI SP01 Spring and Metal Piston (550 – 585FPS) - $65
EdGI Spring Guide - $25
EdGI Trigger and Piston Sear - $40
EdGI Spring Guide Stopper - $15
EdGI SP02 Spring (630 - 650FPS) - $15
EdGI Stainless Steel Cylinder Head - $25
EdGI Stainless Steel Cylinder - $75
EdGI Bull Barrel Spacer Set - $15
EdGI Tight Bull Barrel (435mm, 6.01mm) - $70

FEDEX Shipping (EU) - $55
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Wolfgeorge, what's the 'missing' LRB? I understand what an LRB is, is the missing LRB something different?
No, I think he lost his LRB in the mail due to crappy USPS so that's why it's missing.
That sucks! I usually ship all my stuff with UPS when I do transactions because I don't trust USPS a lot. I only ship small stuff with them.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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