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EdGI Upgrades - Pricings

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After speaking to Ed, the man behind EdGI custom, I found out the prices for his products.

VSR-10 Upgrade Parts:

EdGI SP01 Spring and Metal Piston (550 – 585FPS) - $65
EdGI Spring Guide - $25
EdGI Trigger and Piston Sear - $40
EdGI Spring Guide Stopper - $15
EdGI SP02 Spring (630 - 650FPS) - $15
EdGI Stainless Steel Cylinder Head - $25
EdGI Stainless Steel Cylinder - $75
EdGI Bull Barrel Spacer Set - $15
EdGI Tight Bull Barrel (435mm, 6.01mm) - $70

FEDEX Shipping (EU) - $55
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I can say his products are averagely priced. I've been a user of Edgi tight bore barrels for my AEG's ever since and his products really perform great. Lots of positive reviews over the internet can be found.

Just to share this link:
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