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OK Gang... this is an issue/question that pops up all the time.
"If I do X-Y-Z to my gun, What will my Effective Range be?"

Well that is kind of impossible to answer but if we apply some knowledge of our great thinkers we can make some very educated guesses that will prove to benefit our needs and desired outcomes. There is a very smart Airsofter (Nathan) that has put together a fantastic scientific Model to estimate ranges both effective and maximum using different BB weight. His project ... Airsoft Trajectory Project (ATP) can be found here ( ). When I found this data it got me to thinking about the Physics of Airsoft and what could be reasonably expected in performance of the weapon system.

First I looked for a simplified understanding of Ballistic Trajectories ( ) in terms of the actual Physics being applied to the projectile. I had a pretty good understanding of ballistics already under my belt for real steel due to hunting and military training.. But what did it mean for a 6mm Plastic Sphere.

In the utopian situation that projectile fired from a standing position would strike our target at its maximum range. But here in reality there are too many other forces that come into play.
So for sake of argument lets eliminate all other forces except for GRAVITY. Well being of a keen eye The Worsley School link provided an excellent starting point. It just so happened that my measurements matched theirs. My standing shooting height is 5ft. So using their variable for time (0.55s) the Maximum Range Equation looks like this.

Now I understand that this does not take into account Hop-Up or other wise known as the Bernoulli's Principle. Bernoulli
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