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Effectiveness of Bolt Action Rifles and Technology

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Today I spent some time with a friend of mine who happens to also play airsoft, and we talked about issues regarding the activity and how snipers play a role in operations and games. My friend has played airsoft for a couple of years, and he has primarily played as your average grunt with the M4 in a professional grade community based in Boise, Idaho. He told me today that he was looking at buying a G&G M1 that was supposedly being released soon as a DMR, and the conversation turned to sniping in his community.

Snipers are practically extinct within his town. Every dedicated sniper who joined their games either stopped playing or changed positions to DM. So, naturally, I began to wonder why this was. After listening for a bit, I learned that the closest thing to a sniper per say was a DM with a rifle that made clear 100 yard shots. Even more talking revealed that the circumstances in these games simply left bolt action spring rifles at such a great disadvantage, compared to a heavily upgraded M14 EBR, that AEGs were the only survivable choice within reason. Obviously there's some setup out there that you could find, but it certainly hadn't reared its head in this community.

My question to you all after this conversation is: Are spring rifles becoming more obsolete as AEGs and the technology surrounding them become more advanced and accurate? Is it possible for a spring rifle to consistently outstrip an AEG in accuracy and range anymore, if at all? Is this question asked because of myths and misconceptions I've gathered so far? I feel kind of let down if it's true that I couldn't survive everywhere with a bolt action, they're pretty cool guns.
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From my observations, and my own opinions, I think that sniper rifles fit a very small, niche roll in airsoft today.

The biggest problem with sniping in airsoft is that everyone uses the same bb, the same 6mm round. Because the ammo is the same across the board, any other gun can be modified to shoot the same as a basr. This means that the range/accuracy advantages are out the door, as a well tuned DMR can match a basr in performance.

However, basr's are easier to tune, easier to work on, less moving parts, thus more reliable. They also have the advantage of being quieter. You can make AEGs dang near silent, but you'll always have that motor whine. Match the cylinder and barrel volume on a basr and it's silent.

The downfall is that AEGs will have higher rates of fire than the basr, considering an AEG can fire as fast as you can pull your trigger finger, anyone with a basr going against a DMR is at a rather large disadvantage.

The niche that basrs really work for, are the people that actually use them as they are intended to be used. The quiet scout that roams the field. Someone who can movie quietly, sneak into good positions to gather information, or be able to take out key members of the opposing faction. And that last bit is probably the hardest to do. If you're good at what you do, you can still have a very good fighting chance against DMRs and assault rifles.

As with most things, it just comes down to player skill, and the fact that most people aren't dedicated enough to properly/effectively use a sniper rifle.
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The role of the sniper isn't just about accuracy and range. There are many fully automatic rifles out there that are even more accurate than a BASR (just ask Cheese). being a sniper is also about concealment and different tactics. In fact, If a sniper didn't have concealment on his side, he would just be another "grunt" with an AEG.

I have had to use an AEG on several occasions where something happened to my rifle and/or they were all "your rifle gives you an unfair advantage, use an AEG" (which by the way is so BS). I still played the role of sniper, even though some other people had more accurate guns than me.

Another reason why the gun isn't the most important aspect of sniping is the communications. The sniper is the heart of communications. You are a scout, and you relay info to the rest of your team.

I'm not going to ramble on, but your friend's community thinks sniping is all about accuracy, when accuracy is just a tool that makes our lives easier (in airsoft).
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THERE IS NOTHING AS EFFECTIVE AS A BOLT ACTION SNIPER RIFLE. The old motto of one shot one kill still stands true to this day. If you want a higher rate of fire go for the DM role. The snipers, I hate to say it where outsmarted by there enemys and had yo change role and tactic. It's not easy to be a stealth machine. To let enemies walk past you and not shoot. To hide in your enemy's face undetected. It ain't easy to be a sniper. And it ain't for everyone.

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I find that most people don't understand the airsoft sniper. To me, using a bolty can prove a lot to one's self and capabilities when all the odd's are against you in life. You just need to be a creative thinker when it comes down to it.
I find BASRs to be more quiet than an AEG. AEGs have gears and a motor that will always have to turn. AEGs also have more that can go wrong with them. AEGs and a BASR will always be the same as far as FPS goes. Its a matter of the hop up. My feild lets BASRs shoot hotter than DMRs. Yea you can snipe with an AEG but it will never be as good. The sniper role is based on concealment. BASRs are better for concealment. Snipers also are also suppose to collect recon and take out high priority targets. Most AEGs just aren't built for that. Its like asking if someone would lower the power on their BASR and go play CQB with it... no because it is not built for that... (I understand that it would be easier to snipe with and AEG but thats not my point)
Basically, you can't go sniping with the kind of thinking you use when you play CQB. They are two different concepts entirely, each effective in their own ways.
Exactly. And I hate those Rambo wannabe little cqb guys. That's why I either take them out at range or call him in for a ambush...

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Yeah they grow up and buy a saw lol. Or a minigun.

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Basically, you can't go sniping with the kind of thinking you use when you play CQB. They are two different concepts entirely, each effective in their own ways.
i totally agree, there are way too many people who buy sniper rifles because they think that quick scoping is cool in CoD and they just run around with a basr thinking they can hit someone firing auto at 100 feet.
basr's are only effective when used properly.
Excuse me for being so ignorant ...but what are BASRs??? my guess it just represents "snipers" anything els?
Bolt action sniper rifle. No problem, not all of us know these things if we never had to know them.
BASR = Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
thanks!! :)
IMHO, besides playing the role of a sniper, the biggest differences between BASRs and other platforms are (1)sound, (2)reliability, and (3)requirements for use.

(1) I've yet to hear a more quiet rifle/pistol than a sound-proofed BASR.

(2)BASRs perform quite consistently and have a lower chance of breaking down during a skirmish because of the simplicity of internal parts. There is however the occasional:

"My sniper rifle's TBB got jammed."
"How'd that happen?"
"...... :ashamed:"

(3)And they do not require gas, electricity, or any other doodad; just BB's and love.
If your TBB gets jammed, it's because you haven't cleaned it for a while and you don't like your rifle enough to give it some high quality bbs.
Silent, I would beg to differ, but only slightly. I prefer: Sound, Reliability, and Ease of use.

Sound: Nothing beats a suppressed BV rifle. They are DEAD silent after ~20-30 feet.

Reliability: BV and BASR, eh, about the same, but the BV has more moving parts, so I will give that one to the BASR.

Ease of use: This all comes down to your play style, honestly. BV rifles are not hard to use, just pull the trigger. BASR's aren't hard eiher. The only difference comes when you try and factor in the weight. I agree, you can get scout rifles and whatnot that are 3 pounds or less. But, rifles like the CA M24 are going to get hard to hold after a day of hard airsofting. A bullpup BV rifle will not. But, if you like having the extra long rifle, an AUG will not fit your needs. So, eh...
+1 to the classics!
The BV guns are indeed silent enough but not like a Tanaka and they lack accuracy down the range, but they do have pretty big range(90-100m)!
The Asahi WA2000 is pretty loud and dead accurate tho.

I like the simplicity of the BASRs and the availability of spare parts especially on springers.

Completely agree with wolf here!

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