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Silent, I would beg to differ, but only slightly. I prefer: Sound, Reliability, and Ease of use.

Sound: Nothing beats a suppressed BV rifle. They are DEAD silent after ~20-30 feet.

Reliability: BV and BASR, eh, about the same, but the BV has more moving parts, so I will give that one to the BASR.

Ease of use: This all comes down to your play style, honestly. BV rifles are not hard to use, just pull the trigger. BASR's aren't hard eiher. The only difference comes when you try and factor in the weight. I agree, you can get scout rifles and whatnot that are 3 pounds or less. But, rifles like the CA M24 are going to get hard to hold after a day of hard airsofting. A bullpup BV rifle will not. But, if you like having the extra long rifle, an AUG will not fit your needs. So, eh...
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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