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From my observations, and my own opinions, I think that sniper rifles fit a very small, niche roll in airsoft today.

The biggest problem with sniping in airsoft is that everyone uses the same bb, the same 6mm round. Because the ammo is the same across the board, any other gun can be modified to shoot the same as a basr. This means that the range/accuracy advantages are out the door, as a well tuned DMR can match a basr in performance.

However, basr's are easier to tune, easier to work on, less moving parts, thus more reliable. They also have the advantage of being quieter. You can make AEGs dang near silent, but you'll always have that motor whine. Match the cylinder and barrel volume on a basr and it's silent.

The downfall is that AEGs will have higher rates of fire than the basr, considering an AEG can fire as fast as you can pull your trigger finger, anyone with a basr going against a DMR is at a rather large disadvantage.

The niche that basrs really work for, are the people that actually use them as they are intended to be used. The quiet scout that roams the field. Someone who can movie quietly, sneak into good positions to gather information, or be able to take out key members of the opposing faction. And that last bit is probably the hardest to do. If you're good at what you do, you can still have a very good fighting chance against DMRs and assault rifles.

As with most things, it just comes down to player skill, and the fact that most people aren't dedicated enough to properly/effectively use a sniper rifle.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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