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I find BASRs to be more quiet than an AEG. AEGs have gears and a motor that will always have to turn. AEGs also have more that can go wrong with them. AEGs and a BASR will always be the same as far as FPS goes. Its a matter of the hop up. My feild lets BASRs shoot hotter than DMRs. Yea you can snipe with an AEG but it will never be as good. The sniper role is based on concealment. BASRs are better for concealment. Snipers also are also suppose to collect recon and take out high priority targets. Most AEGs just aren't built for that. Its like asking if someone would lower the power on their BASR and go play CQB with it... no because it is not built for that... (I understand that it would be easier to snipe with and AEG but thats not my point)
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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