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Today I spent some time with a friend of mine who happens to also play airsoft, and we talked about issues regarding the activity and how snipers play a role in operations and games. My friend has played airsoft for a couple of years, and he has primarily played as your average grunt with the M4 in a professional grade community based in Boise, Idaho. He told me today that he was looking at buying a G&G M1 that was supposedly being released soon as a DMR, and the conversation turned to sniping in his community.

Snipers are practically extinct within his town. Every dedicated sniper who joined their games either stopped playing or changed positions to DM. So, naturally, I began to wonder why this was. After listening for a bit, I learned that the closest thing to a sniper per say was a DM with a rifle that made clear 100 yard shots. Even more talking revealed that the circumstances in these games simply left bolt action spring rifles at such a great disadvantage, compared to a heavily upgraded M14 EBR, that AEGs were the only survivable choice within reason. Obviously there's some setup out there that you could find, but it certainly hadn't reared its head in this community.

My question to you all after this conversation is: Are spring rifles becoming more obsolete as AEGs and the technology surrounding them become more advanced and accurate? Is it possible for a spring rifle to consistently outstrip an AEG in accuracy and range anymore, if at all? Is this question asked because of myths and misconceptions I've gathered so far? I feel kind of let down if it's true that I couldn't survive everywhere with a bolt action, they're pretty cool guns.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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