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Ehhhh??? new rifle

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Hi, everyone im a new member to this forum. ok so lets get to the point my birthday is coming up im gettting a BarTen definatly but one question does the Barten G-spec(silencer version) take an silencer adapter?? if it doesnt then ill get the regular version but one question does it take the adapter?? ::)
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Hi there, yes I can see that you are new here. First of all read this board through since you have LOADS of grammar mistakes in your post, and not on this only even. Use correct names for weapons, since there IS NO "Barten" airsoft rifles. After short Googling I suppose you mean the JG Bar-10. Please clean up your post so that it's smoother for everybody to read. =)

Regarding your question, since Bar-10 is the exact clone of VSR-10 and VSR-10 G-SPEC, it is the same gun as regular VSR-10 except that it already includes scope rail, silencer and the required silencer adapter (Due to it's G-SPEC clone.). I'd bet that so does Bar-10. You can easily find this information out of this entire forum by reading posts and/or not from here then from a shop selling this specific rifle via e-mail or a phone call.

This is your first warning due to grammar and logical issues. Just think what you write and check the grammar once or twice each time before posting. Even for a Finnish person like me it isn't that hard. =) Yet I hope you'll have great time in our forum! =)
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I'm pretty sure they do since JG is a total clone of VSR and VSR has a removable silencer so it requires and adapter to work which must be included in the package since you get that silencer too. yet again you'll get corrected truth or verification by asking from your local shop or via e-mail or phone from an internet store.
Now didn't I just say that vindi? xP
Ooh, cheers then mate. =D Was I too clear about what I said?
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