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Embed's M24, SVI (and now SR25) (56K Unfriendly)

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Finally got a chance to take some pictures of my replicas. So here they are.. if anyone wants to know what's in them or anything just go ahead and ask. Comments are welcome!

Enjoy :)

EDIT: Just got a G&G SR25, here are some shots. It's shooting in the 400's right now with a couple systema upgrades. If anyone has extra PSG1 or SR upgrades please shoot me a PM. Special thanks to Oakey for the M1 scope in a couple of the pictures.

And y'all know this guy:

Classic Army/PDI M24

Western Arms SV Infinity Championship

And y'all know this guy:

Before anyone says it, I agree the mounting on the pistol looks whack. I'll be replacing it with a reflex dot sight soon enough.
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Very Very Nice Pistol and Rifle, I don't really care for the bolt, even though it is ergonomically correct for me, and most likely for you too. I would like to know what is in both weapons please!
Not trying to be rude, but how much did you pay for the M3 scope? Thats exactly what I'm looking for.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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