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Embed's M24, SVI (and now SR25) (56K Unfriendly)

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Finally got a chance to take some pictures of my replicas. So here they are.. if anyone wants to know what's in them or anything just go ahead and ask. Comments are welcome!

Enjoy :)

EDIT: Just got a G&G SR25, here are some shots. It's shooting in the 400's right now with a couple systema upgrades. If anyone has extra PSG1 or SR upgrades please shoot me a PM. Special thanks to Oakey for the M1 scope in a couple of the pictures.

And y'all know this guy:

Classic Army/PDI M24

Western Arms SV Infinity Championship

And y'all know this guy:

Before anyone says it, I agree the mounting on the pistol looks whack. I'll be replacing it with a reflex dot sight soon enough.
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-Classic Army M24 Civilian
-PDI Stainless Cylinder
-PDI M24 Hopup
-PDI APS2 steel bolt handle
-PDI 7/9mm interchangeable steel spring guide (Let's you use 7mm(CA) or 9mm(PDI) springs)
-PDI SPR300 Spring which will put it at about 550fps but with the other upgrades it is probably shooting a little hotter than that. I haven't had a chance to chrono it yet, it makes two clean holes through the top and bottom of a soda can, though.
-PDI Vacuum Piston
-Stock CA 515mm inner barrel
-Stock tapered cylinder head
-2x APS2 Magazines

The pistol has only a couple upgrades:
-PGC Steel Compensator
-Guarder one-piece chamber
-extended tightbore
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Sticks, the scope is a replica made by some unknown company in China. It gets the job done just fine. The SVI I got for a steal though. It was $115 shipped off Airsoft Retreat. They don't make this gun anymore and it's worth over $250 and I got it for much less. The magazine doesn't work too well but I'm just going to be buying new ones anyway.

Wandall, the gun was painted when I got it. I can't remember who painted it but it was someone on the Michigan Airsoft Forums. I just took the paint off of the barrel to give it that two-tone look. Here's what the rifle looked like when I got it:

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Not rude at all, I would ask the same question in your position. A man's gotta find the best deal, right? Well I ordered it from Ehobby Asia on Ebay. It was about $70 shipped I want to say.
Thanks for the comments, gents. Added pictures of my new G&G SR25.
They go for about $450 stock from most retailers. I got this one used with some upgrades for $350 on Airsoft Retreat.

I recently put a Magpul MOD stock on it but I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet, I'll get on that.
Yeah it's similar, but an chambered for a smaller round :)

If he's looking for a clone SR he should check out the A&K SR25 URX. I was looking into a G&P one but it didn't work out.
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