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Embed's Mk14 Crane-SD (Updated 11/18)

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Hey guys, decided to keep my Mk14 after Livonia and I pimped it out this weekend. Here's some shots, sorry about the quality, a couple of them were taken on my phone.

It's a TM M14 with a Guarder FTK, G&P Crane Proto kit and now a Guarder cutoff lever. She has a G&P Mk14 suppressor in the mail as well. Tell me what you think:


Got the G&P suppressor on there as well as an Aimpoint that belong to a friend of mine:

It's hard to tell in this video, but the suppressor does a great job quieting an already quiet gun. The gearbox is louder than the report of the weapon.

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GOD! Man this cannon looks tight! Exactly the way I imagine M14 Socom. Not as plain as normal M14 but not totally raped with stuff on rails etc. =) I gotta ask about the color? Is it OD or?
Ok, suits it well. =)
Hello there, silentfury, even though you are sorry about your actions you have to clean them up, when I saw all those posts with majority, almost all, being necros and yet you not being a new member, my jaw fell off. Please read the forum rules again if there's still something that you are unaware of. Sorry, but consider this as your first warning out of three, get em all and you have an short "vacation" from our great forum. Just read the rules to avoid further warnings. =)

P.S. It's 2:00am here so I apologize for possible (propable) spelling issues in my post. : P
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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