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Embed's Mk14 Crane-SD (Updated 11/18)

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Hey guys, decided to keep my Mk14 after Livonia and I pimped it out this weekend. Here's some shots, sorry about the quality, a couple of them were taken on my phone.

It's a TM M14 with a Guarder FTK, G&P Crane Proto kit and now a Guarder cutoff lever. She has a G&P Mk14 suppressor in the mail as well. Tell me what you think:


Got the G&P suppressor on there as well as an Aimpoint that belong to a friend of mine:

It's hard to tell in this video, but the suppressor does a great job quieting an already quiet gun. The gearbox is louder than the report of the weapon.

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Thanks. It's actually more of a Dark Earth.
sticks13 said:
Probably the best looking M14 that I have ever seen!

Do you think you could take a pic of an ACOG sitting above the bolt? I'm looking at something similar for a DMR.

Well if you are doing that I guess I can't stop you.. I just think ACOG's and M14's should never go together. It's just an ugly, poor eye relief, unmatched clusterfuck. If you do get an ACOG for your M14, make sure it's a replica of the 7.62 ACOG because most standard ones that you are used to (TA011, TA31 etc.) were specifically designed for the 5.56 round. They make a TA33 which was designed for the 7.62 and thus, the M14 which fires said round.

This is the propper ACOG for an M14, SR25 or other 7.62mm rifles:

I don't have my own ACOG to get a picture for you but here's a picture of the wrong one on an M14, all it took was a Google search:

I do believe there's a picture of an M14 with the TA33 in the June issue of Special Weapons (issue #64) though. I have it here somewhere, I'll scan it for you sometime soon.
Update: Mk14 suppressor added, let me know what you think!
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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