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Embed's Mk14 Crane-SD (Updated 11/18)

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Hey guys, decided to keep my Mk14 after Livonia and I pimped it out this weekend. Here's some shots, sorry about the quality, a couple of them were taken on my phone.

It's a TM M14 with a Guarder FTK, G&P Crane Proto kit and now a Guarder cutoff lever. She has a G&P Mk14 suppressor in the mail as well. Tell me what you think:


Got the G&P suppressor on there as well as an Aimpoint that belong to a friend of mine:

It's hard to tell in this video, but the suppressor does a great job quieting an already quiet gun. The gearbox is louder than the report of the weapon.

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Okay man, that's a LOT of necro posts. You don't have to comment on every thread on the boards...

Looks like a lot of those are on other peoples' rifles, and it's good to congratulate people on a job well done. But when it's a year later, a lot of these project rifles are in new hands, are running a completely different setup, etc...
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